Friday, April 17, 2009

Waves from the Blue Zone

What can you say, you've made it to another TGIF safe place for some possible R & R. Well, perhaps you will be laid back, but I'll be out and about in search of what's hot or what's not this weekend. It's all about keeping it funky fresh and laser focused from Arkansas only online daily updating experience, COP:24/7! Let's Go get em.....
Cowboy Up: It's Rodeo in the Rock, saddling up for another ride in Central Arkansas, 4.17 -4.19.09 at the Fairgrounds. The kick off hootenanny will take place at Sidetracks, tonight with doors opening at 5 and the fun starts after dark. The website HomoRodeo reports that at least 60 plus registrants for the event and I would hope that locals would join in with full support. Although there has been some miscues and possible internal wrangling, the event is open to all whom wish to participate. If you are staying in the host hotel (La Quinta on Broadway) they are offering a FREE shuttle to the area bars. I'm traveling to Chicago in a few weeks for my BWMT board meeting and the shuttle is $50 buckaroo's! ( more on that next week...) Even though a gay rodeo may not be your cup of tea, it's all about stepping out of your comfort zone. For more info click it to Tell them you heard about it here first! This event should fall into the "HOT" slot if all goes well. I'll let you know next week...
She's Hot!: The Legendary Rupaul is showing up all over the planet, especially with her Drag Race reality sashay on the LOGO network, sponsored by Absoult Vodka products. Unfortunately, I only had time to watch one episode but checked out some online snippets for the cause. The winner was Bebe Zahara Benet (pictured left) a 28 year old stunning dragon from Yaounde, Cameroon, Africa. (talk about globalization?) Benet brings it to you from the catwalk to the performance spotlight but was not the odds on favorite to win. However, the "Super Model of the World," Ru felt that she made the cut and for winning the title, Bebee won $20,000, photo shoot with famed photog Greg Gorman for an eye wear campaign and bragging rights that you beat out over 1000 other applicants! According to Ru, Bebe will be the latest Drag Superstar in the Dragosphere. Since the show BZB has been touring the country from coast to coast. I checked out her website and discovered this college educated former male model from France is quite the looker in photos. You can check it out at, According to his site there is music in the works and most likely showing up for the 2nd season of Ru's Drag Race airing in early 2010. Not to be out done, Ru has release her latest music, "Champion" staying in the race theme, she's still pumping out strong beats and sassy phrases that he wrote for the CD. I might not want to spend my entire evening watching a drag smack down, but I do enjoy me some Rupaul music when I need a toe tapping experience. Ms. Ru has developed quite an empire with music, radio, TV, movies and appearances. Is she available for a Little Rock stop over? All I can say is, "you go girl!" Everything Ru can be found at and you can get downloads at I-tunes. As a side note, This years Rodeo in the Rock is also being sponsored by LOGO in cahoots with the International Gay Rodeo Association.

HOT on Flim: The Little Rock Film Festival group will roll out the Third Annual Little Rock Film Festival with a announcing reception 4.21.09. The festival is expanding to five days, May 13-17, featuring more than 70 films and 150 screenings in addition to educational workshops, film panels and receptions. Perhaps organizers of the Gay Film Fest should take some pointers from this fest if they are planning on putting anything together this year. I've attended GFF screenings in past years and let's just say there's much room for upgrades and improvements to say the least. Meanwhile the LRFF will showcase filmmakers from 15 countries around the world who will attend the festival to compete for prizes, including the first annual Golden Rocks, given to the best narrative and documentary films screened at the festival. Festival passes, which grant priority access to all screenings, will be on sale for $30 and can also be purchased online at
When: Tuesday, April 21, 2009 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. – Reception *$20 donation suggested at the door to benefit LRFF
Where: Clinton School of Public Service Sturgis Hall *Reserve your seats by emailing or calling 501.683.5239.

From the Not list: The 3rd Annual Queer Conference scheduled for this weekend is a no go as announced by e-blast from Jann Soriano of UCA's PRISM. Organizers cited " a lack of resources and time," in their decision to cancel. However, they have hopes for the conference later this year. Due to scheduling conflicts, I've not attended one these conferences but have supported them through announcements on this site. Yet, for the record, although never acknowledged or basically "thanked," I've never seen any results for all the effort put into it to make it happen. I've inquired in the past with no response. Therefore, as far as I'm concerned and most likely many of you, are thinking what's the purpose of this event. Furthermore what measurable outcomes does it achieve in producing it and if there's such a need why are there a lack of resources from year to year? Gosh dern it, there I go again, asking those hard questions from the sidelines. Oh well, I guess some body's got to do it and it might as well be me. Look for updates as they are announced.

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