Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Living Out Loud and in Living Color 2009

What can we say, " In Arkansas, always a bride's maid and never a damn bride!" Let the culture wars began, again. This week GLBTQ communities in Iowa, Vermont and District of Columbia have been embracing the realization that marriage equality is theirs for the taking. The news sources have been dissecting and pontificating all that comes with these new laws and recognitions. However, even though one talking head described this new access as a "sweep across the country..." Ah, I don't think so. There are still some 29 states that have constitutional bans on gay marriage, including the Natural State of Arkansas which instituted this restriction a few years ago. At this point, advocates and opponents are closing ranks most likely bracing for the next shoe to drop. Meanwhile, ears are pricked up as we await verbiage from President Obama who has much on the plate at this time. During all the chatter on this matter, I did hear one talking head that pondered the thought, " why haven't those individuals who are so oppose to gay marriage been proposing constitutional amendments to prohibit divorce among heterosexuals?" What a interesting thought, especially here in Arkansas, cited by the Total Divorce Blog as a state with one of the highest divorce rates. According to the Modesto Bee news publication, 27 percent of married couples living in the south or Midwest would most likely face divorce. Each of these regions tied for first place in the nation. How about them facts? Nevertheless, the beat goes on as well as the search for Mr.& Mrs. Right 4 Me continues for many of you. Happy hunting and let us know if you find success!

Eating Cornelius: I'm a foodie and that's no bull or should I say beets. As I've matured, not aged, I have aggressively moved to more healthy choices. Yet, when I dine out, that's when it gets tricky and I do mean quite tricky. With that in mind I make serious efforts to keep updated on the latest food trends and trying new recipes in my kitchen. I will be offering some recipes to the newly formatted BWMT newsletter and plan on posting many of them here. My taste run the gamut, and I do go off the radar sometimes, but basically I hover around more vegetables, grains, fruits and such. However, I was intrigued by a recent Men's Health article that talk about The 20 Unhealthiest Vegetarian Meals in America. This I had to read and boy am I glad that I did. Such places as Quiznos, IHOP and P.F. Changs made the cut and I've dined at all of them. What I found in the article was great info on how to eat at this eateries by swapping or substituting entrees for more low calorie focused meals. Also, if you are not in to the food scene deeply, it's those fancy names such as "fromaggio" which is another moniker for "LOTS of Cheese" can throw you off you diet game. After consuming such items, bread sticks, beverage and that dreaded dessert can simply by a waist buster before you know it. So, the next time you are dining out, feel free to ask your friendly waiter or look for those calorie counts that may be available that can be of assistance before you put it through the lips which may end up on the hip! Here's the link for your info and Happy Passover!

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