Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Eartth Day 2009: The Going Green Edition

Certainly by now you've heard at least one "eco" buzz word. Do you say, NOT? Well, COP:24/7 is always at your beckon call to offer a "light bulb," that's a compact flo light bulb moment for your daily consumption. It's Earth Day 2009 and this forum just couldn't be left out of the celebration. So, it's a jammed packed post as we Go Green for this outing. Are you ready, well come on, let's go!( graphic courtesy of created by Jan Martin Will)

The Green Home Front: I can't tell any of you about being green, if I'm not mentioning what's going on green in my own backyard. So, here's a snapshot of how I've made a serious attempt to deal with my carbon footprint.

1. I had my home weatherized with a new fangled insulation that's really eco friendly because it's made from, Viola, many of those pesky plastic bags that you get from retailers. I was amazed as the firm that did the installation demonstrated to me how the process works. They filled my attic crawl space with the updated product which does not have fiber glass components, meanwhile stating it's effectiveness. After the machine was hooked up, it only took about 45 minutes total.

2. I installed a new Flex Thermostat to keep a constant temp flow as well as levelized billing from my energy providers.

3.Replaced all bulbs with compact fluorescent. They cost a bit more, but are suppose to last longer.

4. Replaced my toilets with low the low flow types to help save more water.

5. Installed some outdoor solar lighting and will explore more solar options for additional landscaping.

6. Purchased some energy efficient appliances that have been designed with the environment in mind.

So, as you can see, I've been busy although I've always valued the environment and be conscious of my impact on it. I took the Carbon Footprint Quiz on the site and discovered that I still have lots of work to do. Try it and see how many "earth's" it will take to sustain your lifestyle. Whether you believe it or not, all of us are responsible for the Earth. So, what are you doing to reduce your carbon footprint. Got ideas, stories, doubts, then share it with us...

GREEN Action for U: You can take some green action by contacting your Representatives about the American Clean Energy and Security Act will create millions of new clean energy jobs, save consumers hundreds of billions of dollars in energy costs, enhance America’s energy independence, and cut global warming pollution. To meet these goals, the legislation has four titles:
A clean energy title that promotes renewable sources of energy, carbon capture and sequestration technologies, low-carbon fuels, clean electric vehicles, and the smart grid and electricity transmission;
An energy efficiency title that increases energy efficiency across all sectors of the economy, including buildings, appliances, transportation, and industry;
A global warming title that places limits on emissions of heat-trapping pollutants; and
A transitioning title that protects U.S. consumers and industry and promotes green jobs during the transition to a clean energy economy.
The Energy and Commerce Committee will complete consideration of the legislation by Memorial Day.
Call your member of Congress through the Capitol switchboard 202-224-3121 on Earth Day and ask them to support the Markey - Waxman climate bill.

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