Monday, April 06, 2009

Up Periscope!: A Monday Edition

It's back! Monday of another week in 2009. This year is really moving along at a smart clip and the news cycle is teeming with topics galore. I shouldn't have any problem with giving you more of what you've been looking for and more! So, let's not tarry... here we go!

Going to the Chapel: I got a e-blast fresh from Iowa activist heralding their Supreme Court victory concerning gay marriage or for the politically correct sect, "marriage equality," in the heartland. I was ever so amused with the gleefulness of that GLBTQ community, especially the slogan,"Corn fed and ready to Wed!" However, I'm sure that it ain't over because those anti-gay marriage forces are not going to take this sitting down in no body's corn field. According to the Internet buzz and hard traditional news outlets, this ruling has struck a nerve that is reverberating across the Midwest stating that most Iowans favored a "civil unions" instead of marriage rights, however a University of Iowa Hawkeye poll cited that 58.7 percent of those polled under 30 support gay marriage and three forths support some form of recognition of gay relationships. I was somewhat surprised (and "why", I must admit) when those opposed to the ruling rolled out the dogma that has been used here in the Natural State, pointing out that Iowa may become a "gay mecca for mariage." Sounds familiar doesn't it? Meanwhile, here in Arkansas, Rep. Bryan King's anti DPR measure, HB2176 continues to lurk in the shadows despite being shutdown in committee earlier in the sessions. Yet, the determined legislator re-introduced this effort last Friday and I've been trying to track it's status. The session is coming to a close this Thursday and I hope that this measure will finally be buried as well. We will keep you posted.

The Bouncing O: President Obama's World Tour continues in his 75th day as Leader of the Free World. The wall to wall coverage has been overwhelming to say the least. I've said it before and I'll say it again, perhaps there should just be a Presidential TV channel that covers nothing but whatever the president is doing 24/7 for those who just can't get enough of Presidential stuff. It seems that Mr. & Mrs. O are analyzed at every turn on almost any nuance or movement that they make. What's she's wearing? Did he really mean that we are not a Christian nation? Was their a hidden message in that hug she did? Why didn't he say this or that about XYZ? Golly, how can you actually conduct anything with folks tripping over themselves to dissect all verbiage or slight of hand move. It's got to be a tough gig, when the spotlight is almost everywhere except the nearest toilet. So far, I believe that President Obama has stood and delivered exactly what the world was waiting for from the next U.S. administration. He has outreached and put our allies on notices that the fractured practices of the last head of state have been assessed and a new mission set in motion. Bravo, Obama! Stay strong because this party is just getting started.

Where's the Party: The 4th Anniversary of Sidetracks was held Saturday night and my face was in the place. In our next post, I'll give you the who, what, why and what not. Stay tuned, you will not want to miss this one...

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