Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In a COP/ 360 State of Mind

What a wonderful world we live in. It's a daily battle to naviagate, ebb and flow as well as dodge all that life has to throw at you. It's those side step moves that you hope will get through the day and then, you realize that you may have stepped in a pile of it. It's another day, living you life out loud and then some. Yet, some how I keep focused and determined to follow through with bringing you the latest updates, links, commentary, and some times just stuff for your thought processes. It's all here for the taking, so go ahead and enjoy some...

Views from Under the Rainbow:
Playing Safe and Staying Safe in the City

This forum has taken on many topics and issues that are not only close to my own heart but certainly should grab at your own. The recent death of Jimmy William, aka, Alexis Fairchild, was not only a lost of one of our own, but rather reminded me of how fleeting life can be while trying to be your authentic self. During my lifetime, I've been witness to a variety of violence that has befallen individuals in the GLBTQ community and the lackluster notice that they receive. After all, Jimmy's homicide notice was cited as another death stat with minor TV coverage, ultimately ending up on the back page of the DemGaz "B" section bottom column. His life, legacy and luminescence's snuffed out. All across the country there have been numerous stories about the life's of GLBTQ people who have been impacted by violence and hate. Most of them were not high profiled such as the Matthew Shepard case which put a face on the issue that has gone on to give birth to legislation, yet the spike in such incidents can't go ignored. Locally tacking of hate crimes or stats are undetermined I suspect most likely don't exists. Unfortunately this community has not been able to maintain the resources or mind trust necessary for such monitoring. Our area groups are strapped with just trying to do the best they can with what meager revenue streams they can muster. However, playing safe and staying safe is your personal responsibility. I fully understand that some elements of the lavender life has it edgy challenges and gritty scenes that may excite, yet all of these maneuvers must be handled with extreme caution. Especially those of you exploring those "KKFs" or finding your jollys in public places such as walking trails and parks. It's a brave new world of danger and it's best that you watch your back while kicking your way through. Here's some tips on avoiding a Hate Crime from www.gaylife.about.com/od/hatecrimes/a/hate_crime.htm Print them out for safe keeping. It may mean your life....

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