Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Can We Talk: COP 24/7

Let's Talk about SEX

As April reveals itself, everything starts blooming, buzzing and human hormones began rushing about, it's always a good time to mention that subject that no one, but everyone really want to talk about, SEX. What not a better time during, National STD Month! Yes, in case you didn't know and of course I feel privileged to share with you all the campaigns designed for the sexually inclined. Is that you? Why certainly. The above video clip is from the It's Your Sex Life campaign in cooperation with Kaiser Family Foundation, MTV and Planned Parenthood. I reviewed the mash up, finding it quite informative as well as frank about STD's in the era of HIV/AIDS. Believe it or not, many cases of STD's have also included diagnosis of HIV. Each of these are sexually transmitted diseases involving blood, "cum" and bodily fluids. I have not been tested in years, bascially because I've been in a committed relationship for a length of time, but this does not preclude STD's from being the "other partner" if you're significant other can't resist the itch to tip. So, if you've been sowing your oats or plan to do so, don't forget to Get Yourself Tested. The local chapter of PP are offering testing with prices ranging from $6.00 for Syphilis to $55 for Herpes. Make your M-F appointment at 501.801.0001 It's a small price to pay for your sexual health. Think about it.

Where's The Party: The 4th Annual Anniversary party for the north shores Sidetracks stepped off 4.4.09. First of all, I had to think has this place been here that long and the answer was, yeah. It's been four years and counting since the former Maggie Mae's morphed into Sidetracks, as an extended mature alternative. Affectionately, Sidetracks also has been referred to as the "wrinkle room," "bone yard," "bear den," old folks home," and "the Has-Been Exit." Yet, despite it all, the owners have stayed committed to offering an outlet as a community gathering spot for all. From my observations, it doesn't matter what age, life choice, ethnicity or preferences. As long as you've bring some respect, you'll get some. I've attended past parties, usually with with great anticipation as well as expectations. The venue was semi-busy with regulars and visitors, featuring some additional decorations accompanying the already busy decor of the bar. But to my surprise and perhaps a few others something was seriously missing. Where's the party? In the past this event has been a bit more celebratory complete with interesting buffet choices, erotic sheet cakes and merry making. Now, I know that we are in an economic downturn and perhaps there's some logical explanation, but this affair was about as exciting as a "rained out well digging." What's going on here? As an hospitality expert, I know that that putting on an event is time consuming, needs some Benjamin's to make it happen and a "HQIC" ( Head Queer in Charge). All this seemed to be sorta missing last evening, resulting in celebrating this milestone with non other than a (OMG) warm Champagne fountain! I don't know exactly what's happened or why, except that party force of "JD" has ceased and those special touches that set a ST event apart is noticeable. Attitudes aside and you can't have a den of rainbow hens and not have attitudes, the party is still suppose to go on! I pondered a few questions to see if I could sort some of it out. Is morale down? Well, not exactly. Has keeping the momentum become ho-hum in a everyday aspect? Perhaps. Customer service? Well, good help can be hard to find. O.K. Sidetracks, congrats on sticking it out for 4 years. It takes a lot to stay in business, meanwhile serving the finicky GLBTQ community that often doesn't share their appreciation. For the record, this forum has made an concerted effort to showcase all area venues and "keep it real" about what's really going on in these outlets. I've often stated that, "if we don't support them, perhaps they may not be around to support us."

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