Thursday, October 08, 2009

Thursday Frame-Out 2.0

I'm doing double duty this week and I'm in overdrive as usual. How do I do it, you ask? Thanks for asking. Hell, I don't know, all I know is that somehow the thing comes together in spite of other assigned task. It's the passion, the determination, the tomfoolery of it all, as I try to keep banging it out in full force. The in-box is full as well as the out box on my Yahoo mail, MySpace, Facebook and Comcast! So much stuff going on in the GLBTQ community and beyond. Therefore, if you want to know what's really going, then you simply must keep it locked and loaded to this forum. Hey gang, It's another venture into the world of COP:24/7. Come let's dive in...

SEX IN THE CLOSET?!: There talking about sex on a local collage campus. Are you surprised, certainly not I hope. The "Sex in the Closet Part II to Gay Questions, Straight Answers" Workshop will take place Tuesday, October 13 at 7:00 pm at Philander Smith College's Kendall Building / Nugent Center. This is the companion piece to a similar event held last year and promises to be a stimulating conversation. According to a Facebook post, the Office of Student Affairs at Philander Smith College is presenting to you another gritty, raw, open conversation about sexuality and everything that accompanies it. Sex in the Closet is an exploration of the issues inside the hetero AND homosexual communities – and how those separate issues are interconnected.We're discussing everything from infidelity, sexual promiscuity, OH YES!!! And SEX IN THE CLOSET!! If you've got time for another teachable moment, then by all means check this one out. If you do, then share observations here!

Video Lavender: I spent a considerable amount of time getting that cute Equality Forum gadget featuring GLBTQ History Month and to date, I've not gotten not one "kudo" for bringing this extremely important info to the table. Now, I'm not needy for praise, but I certainly like a little pat on the back or perhaps a High Five for keeping this forum funky fresh and then some. Ultimately, what I'm after is relating to the those who may not know and believe me there are plenty of folks not in the know, an avenue to LEARN something. O.K. If that goody isn't enough, there's another info stream available courtesy of LOGO. When you get a chance you need to surf on over to which presents a video course on the people and events that make up LGBT history through this unique collection of bios, documentaries, films, interviews, and coverage of major events. In order to know where you are going, then by all means you must know where we've been! The EF gadget is located in the margin of this forum presenting daily updates of featured icons.

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