Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Everything is Everything Wednesday

Is that smoke coming from my keyboard? By golly, I think it is! Alright, don't call 911, but you can come on in for some our hot topics in this Everything is Everything mash up. You already know the drill, so let's go...

ANONYMOUS NO MORE: Just in case my post concerning my position on comments on this forum didn't resonate. I felt that perhaps I may need to send up another smoke signal about this issue. Although this space is an "open forum" for your rants, observations, commentary, viewpoints or updates. I've decided that if you want to make your opinion known here, then you should "own your message." That being that if you've got to say it, then sign it with your name. Liability and culpability aside, why take the time to tap out your thoughts only to not let the world know what you are thinking. From my vantage point, it's still America and that free speech thing has been the order of day for some 200 years. Therefore, if you say it, then own it. All comments tagged "anonymous" will be sent to File 13. I look forward to hearing from you with you cyber signature! I do it everyday and then some.

No SEX in the Closet!: Last evening there was suppose to a interesting dialogue featuring "frank" talk about sexuality at HBC, Philander Smith Collage . Yet as I prepared to attend, I discovered that there was no "sex talk" happening. What's up? I got an rather bland e-mail explanation stating that there was an "institutional" issue and that the affair would be rescheduled. Only to later to learn that the event "did" actually happen with a reported "high attendance," depsite those unexplained circumstances. Who Knew? It's for these reasons that audiences are far and few. Get it together folks or don't do it at all...

Red Ribbon Meeting: The Arkansas HIV/AIDS – Consumer Advisory Board will hold its first “Official” monthly meeting on Thursday, October 15, 2009 from 11:00 AM until 12:00 PM.
The meeting will be held in room 902 at the Freeway Medical Tower located at 5800 W. 10th Street, Little Rock, AR. In a great use of technology those unable to attend in person can participate via conference call by calling the following number: Dial in phone number: 1-218-844-8230 Access Code: 1036880#

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Anonymous said...

Yes, you are on point as to the Sex in the Closet episode. Carissa Rodgers, a senior at Philander, had been excited about her part two of "Gay Answers to Straight Questions" which was attended by over 100 people last semester. She had followed the PSC policy and procedures for space, a/v equipment,and simple things like chairs, only to show up and find nothing was in place. The door to the auditorium was locked and the janitor was gone home. The only other person with a key was President Kimbrough and surely he wasn't coming back to the school to do it. But he did and he attended and participated. Also attending were members of Brothas & Sistas, Little Rock Black Pride, UCA's Prism and a host of predominately female students and staff. I'm sure many people were lost in that moment that Carissa thought her long awaited 15 minute follow-up was doomed but there were still about 70 people there. The topics ranged from gender identity norms to HIV/AIDS. For the first time, I saw women filling their purses with condoms. One of the staff asked for all that remained because of the outbreak of STDs on campus. I informed her that the STDs were clearing the road for HIV. I then asked about HIV testing and she said that occasionally JCCSI would hold testing events. Not to step on toes but I informed her that we would test whenever requested. Enough of my shameless plugs though. Carissa's community level, campus based event went well despite the gliche.