Thursday, October 01, 2009

Fall Bounce

With the changing of the seasons, comes changes here at COP:24/7. We've put on a new coat, shifted some items around, wrapped ourselves in more fast paced postings and prepared to roll through the rest of 2009. It's what it takes to keep this forum humming and steady with more news, updates, links, pod casting and video for the GLBTQ community and beyond.

GLBTQ History Online: Welcome to Equality Forums, 2009 GLTBQ salute featuring literally a rainbow of individuals from Alvin Ailey to Suze Orman. Did you that fact? Probably not and you can get a whole lot more from the widget in the margins of this forum. It changes daily with the icons stories highlighted with really interesting facts and tidbits. I tried to offer prizes last year for the most correct answers, but got "crickets." So I will forgo that effort and just say enjoy the stories and if you've got comments feel free to share. Equality Forum is a powerhouse organization that also presented at this years NABWMT Philadelphia conference and I've made it a tradition to host their information. Depending on my schedule, I would be thrilled to attend their 2010 conference, where else?... in Philly of course.

Anonymous NO More: After being apart of the Society of Professional Journalist Blogger Academy last week, I learned much about "media law" and a variety of publishing related matters. Although I won't tumble out all the legal mumbo jumbo that comes with the territory, but ultimately it's all about responsibility and culpability. Therefore, I will not be posting any more unsigned comments, observations or rants. This space is completely open unlike some other blogs where you are not even allowed to comment. Even though I get an advance notice of comments which allow me to choose to post or not, I believe that if you got something to say, then by golly say it with pride and then put your name on it. With this recognition, I don't have to worry our legal department for any of this fancy and costly legal stuff. Speak up but sign up!

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