Monday, October 05, 2009

Smoke and Mirror Monday

Got nothing to do? Well, I'm not one of those who have the "nothing to do" dolrums. I've got plenty on the plate and I need some sideboards to get through it all. With that said, let's not waste any time with getting this posting started with the latest from COP:24/7! Are you ready, if not get ready....and away we go!

Marching Lavender: It's this weekend and tongues are wagging, fingers shaking and eyes rolling about the March on Washington slated for this Saturday. Net savvy gays have been keeping the Net humming with a plethora of viewpoints on the march, organizers, dueling organizations and the Obama factor. I read so many takes on this event that I'm beginning to wonder if all the nay saying and bickering will cause the significance (if there's actually one) of the march to devolve into another gathering on the mall in DC. The latest and greatest eruption has surrounded the announcement that POTUS Obama will address the "sold out" Human Rights Campaign's swanky dinner this weekend, but there will be no "O" at the march itself. From my vantage point, O.K. Obama will speak at the dinner which will be locked down for his attendance, but I'm sure that his attendance at the mall rally would be a security nightmare for his SS detail and not to mention participants. Despite planning, I don't think that march organizers could have prepared for that type of scrutiny or even desired too. Also, it seems that from a historical position, no one from the Oval office has addressed this type of crowd due to numerous reasons and I'm sorta perplexed at the chatty kathy's who are bashing President Obama about this particular matter. Actually, this is just the latest item and this list seems to be growing, that some gays are mumbling about concerning this administration. I understand that there's been lackluster approach to those major items such as DOMA and DADT, but for goodness sake, at least Obama is willing to acknowledge this constituency although viewed through a "Clintonistic" frame. Let's not forget the last 8 years where our concerns and existence was largely ignored. I'm not going to the march, but no matter who attends I believe that a united front would be the order of the day. After all this time, you would think that this strategy would be refined and rooted in whatever maneuver that's taken. However, as we continue to grapple with the soft inter community cooperation locally, it's very apparent that it's no different on the big stage nationally. It's all about getting it together, then keeping it together, in order to make it better for us all. Here's to a great march, future unity or at least wishful thinking.

The Word IS: I've mentioned in a few past post that I had a small announcement to share with my readers and I'm putting it out there today. I've been tapped by the DSRA (Diamond State Rodeo Association) as a candidate for it's royalty team and I've accepted the challenge. Yes, as if I didn't have plenty to do already you say and you would be right. Yet I thought that this opportunity would be something sorta different as well as allow me to bring my unique prospective to the table of this charitable organization which is searching to embrace the community in diversity and dynamics. So, there you have it! I'm going in to deep preparation mode as I compete for the title October 24Th. Wish me well on this next outing into the spotlight! As always, I thank you for your support and confidence. Please watch this forum for updates or click it to for more info.

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