Monday, October 26, 2009

kickin It in the Rock

Can you say techo glitch in a the age of High Speed? It seems that despite all the mad dashing I do through Airports for those national meetings, multi-tasking from home base and using all the handy gadgets that I can handle, it seems that it's never fast enough or ready to go into overdrive when I need it too. However, I realize that some day's it's just not to be and no matter what tantrum I may go into, ultimately it's not going t always change for my sake. So, what's a guy to do, but simply chill out and take it as it comes. That brings us to today's posting of news, updates, links and everything kickin in the Rock!

Rodeo Royals Arrive: The Diamond State Rodeo Association held it's Royalty Competition, 10.24.09 with three competitors vying for the titles. Congratulations are in order for Mr. Dewayne, Mr. DSRA 2010 and Cassaundra Manchester, Miss DSRA 2010, and 1st Alternate, Marvella, Queen of Comedy. I've got the inside story and it'll be making the cut later this week. So keep you eyes peeled for that special prospective!

WAD 2009: I've learned that planned activities for commemorating World AIDS Day have been a work in process. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the meeting due to the fact that the date was moved and this didn't coincide with my scheduling. Yet as I followed up on that meeting, I was somewhat bemused at a proposed "essay contest" as the centerpiece of the activities and a "balloon" release. Now let me get this right, it took a meeting to determine this level of programming? I hope that this was the initial framework of more full filling recognition of this health dilemma. However, as I've stated previously, all events, programming, campaigns or what have you, take PEOPLE power plus some Benjamin's on the side. If we want more, then stepping to the plate is the answer.

AIDS S.O.S.: Believe it or not, the mainstream media put the Arkansas HIV/AIDS funding issue on front street citing the money backslide in the Arkansas AIDS Foundation's coffers. Board President, Fred Gentry described the issues as well as put a face on the foundations shadowy presence. He stated that at least 153 clients would be released from services, with the caveat that other sources would be sought for assistance. Unsurprisingly, this news comes in lieu of lackluster fundraising from marginal events and a board seemingly paralyze to move the ball forward during these challenging economic times. In full disclosure, I am a former board member who was persuaded that my views and energy were not conducive to then administration. Since that time, basically I've seen very little progress or momentum from this entity which as far as I'm concerned needed my "energetic prospectives." Even more glaring is the fact that even though as TV cameras rolled, on their official website there is no mention or statement addressing their plight. Where is their call to action? Where are the stats, goals or possible outcomes? Where is Boards business plan to handle the situation while asking the community or stakeholders for input? Hey Guys, a two minute blurb on TV just doesn't cut it. Trust me it sound likes the group needs to really send up an S.O.S! (Save Our Services!) Think about it and get busy TODAY!
Activity Overbooked: I don't know about you but it seems that in this city everyone seems to booked their activity,events or programming without any coordination. There are films, pageants, meetings, or whatever and it all seems to be going down either around the same time, day or evening. I realize that their are separate planning groups and organizers for each of these events, but wouldn't it be great it there was a master calender that could be coordinated with all entities, for a maximum usage of the pool of possible attendees? Oh well, I guess that is wishful thinking for a day when folks learn to work together. Gosh, I assume that day is still in the works.

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