Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Let The fall Games begin 09

Decades ago their was a mighty dance tune entitled, "Can't Stop," by then gay icon singer Sylvester, whom incidentally did a concert date in Little Rock. Of course this was the disco era and the song was a tremendous beat driven item that use to send dancers into a frenzy at it's crescendo. I loved that number then and often hear it now when I stream from my Internet FM jukebox. And still to this day it gives me the fever that it did all those years ago as I move with in our "blink" society of twits, tweets, and "Ta-Dah" moments. Every time I produce this forum, I can't help but ponder the wonderful leaps of technology that I've seen thus far in my life. I'm apart of it all and I'm thrilled to be bringing you my readers along with me. Therefore, let's dive back in for more of what I hope you are looking for from COP:24/7!

Congress Can you Hear Me? I've mentioned way back during the last election cycle that I wanted Obama to phone home, apparently Team O is also wanting a few us in the out lands to do some phoning with their latest campaign. According to a e-blast from their mighty e-machine, they state that" insurance companies are spending millions on a campaign of lies to kill health reform that would help folks like Jenny. So, today, with crucial negotiations taking place in Congress, we're raising our voices and making it clear: It's time to deliver on reform.We've set a big goal: 100,000 calls to Congress made or committed to in a single day. To hit it, we'll need your help -- will you take 3 minutes to call Congress now?Call your representatives and tell them: It's Time to Deliver on health reform. According to our records, you live in Arkansas's 2nd congressional district. So if you got something to crow about in this health care tug of war, then I suggest that you get busy on October 21! Please call:

Sen. Blanche Lincoln at 202-224-4843

Sen. Mark Pryor at 202-224-2353

Rep. Vic Snyder at 202-225-2506

(Not your representatives? Click here to look yours up.)Health insurance reform is finally ready for consideration by the full Congress, and hundreds of insurance company lobbyists on Capitol Hill are working overtime to kill it. Calling is quick and easy, but effective -- and your voice has tremendous power at this critical moment.After you make your call, tell the staffer who picks up where you live and that you're counting on Congress to deliver on health reform. Let them know that Americans like you support the President's plan -- and that if your representatives are working to pass it, they have your thanks.If we hit 100,000 calls made or committed to, we'll send an unmistakable signal that this time, families must come before insurance companies. We'll be tracking progress toward our goal publicly -- make sure to report your call back to us so we can count it:http://my.barackobama.com/CallTTD

DSRA Kicking: If you haven't heard things are coming out the shoots at the Diamond State Rodeo Association. This weekend is the official Royalty Show & Competition, Sippin Sundays', Men's Night Out and a rootin-tootin Chili Round Up Cookoff, November 7. It's high times at the old corral, click it to their newly revamped website for more info. You can find a link in the margins of this forum. Come on Out Folks!

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