Friday, October 02, 2009

Free Fall Friday: Reloaded for You & Me

Here we are again, it's another Friday in the Natural state and our in box is bursting at the seams with news, updates, links and just plain old stuff. Each and everyday, I get it all. Yes, whether it's spam or can ham, It finds it way to my inbox for my consumption. Therefore, as I sift through it all, here's some items that have made the cut....

Scratching for Dollars: Whoa Nelly! After four days of lotto fever, citizen players have fill the coffers with 4 Million dollars for those Arkansas scholarships. Wow! Who knew that in this "economic downturn," in a low median income state that there was four extra million dollars! All the while, folks are mouthing off about high grocery prices, utilities and taxes. But despite all those necessities of life, some how all this disposable cash was brought to the lotto trough without any outcry. Don't you find that simply amazing or is it? I haven't purchased a ticket, but by golly I'm gonna, for at least posterity sake anyway.

National Equality March
I've been made aware that a blessed few Arkansans will be joining the Human Rights Campaign and other organizations for the National March for Equality in Washington, D.C during the weekend of Oct. 9-11. HRC and other groups will be holding events throughout the weekend and you can see the schedule weblink below for confirmed events and continue visiting this page for updated information. This event has had it's detractors and speculators as it it's timeliness or effectiveness. Even though I travel for conferences and such, my schedule won't allow for this outing. Hopefully there's a respectable showing with some pointed significance during this heavy lifiting political cycle. If you are attending, I would love to get some of that "man or woman on street/I-reporting" from an Arkansas prospective. If not, then take time to find a worthy local effort to pour your energy into. Believe me, there's lot's of work around this state to be done.
On October 11, meet at the Human Rights Campaign building, 1640 Rhode Island Ave. NW, at 11:00 a.m. The march will take us through D.C. and end with the National Equality March Rally. The march begins at 12:00 p.m. click it to for the entire listing of events. I looked over them and there's much going on ranging from a "Milk and Cookies" family event to a Cadence Run with the service people.

Holiday Showcase: The Arkansas AIDS Foundation will have a Holiday Show Funder at PULSE, (7th & Center) Sunday 9.4.09 featuring Cherity & crew starting at 10 pm. The show had been scheduled for the Backstreet Complex, but was moved to utilize the new venue's workforce, central locale, not to mention that a smaller venue would be more conducive to the attendance track that this event targets. At post time, there was no listing of performers, but you'll have to get on down to check it out. Don't forget that there's been a $3 kegger that usually proceeds the show at 6 p.m. Could make for a cheap date night or at least a night out to give to a worthy cause. Can't make it, then go to the foundation web site(there's link in the margin) and donate. Tell em that I sent ya!!

Are you ready for that special announcement that I mention would be posted here, then get ready as I spill the beans coming this Monday. Pssssst. You don't wan't to miss it......

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