Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A OH! Wednesday Edition

It's mid-week and I'm ramping up what's left of my energy to kick it the rest of the week. In case you are keeping count and certainly I hope that you are, because I've had a steady agenda for the last three weeks that pushed me to almost the limit. All the while, I kept thinking how do I do these things? What answer echoed back to me was... "because you are an engaged individual living your life out loud and boldly believing that it takes personal commitment and determination to make a difference." Wow! Is that what I've been doing this last 3 weeks and for the last 20 years? The voice said, "yeah, fool. now get back to work. That is all..." With that said here's the latest posting from the Big Chair.

OH! People: I'm involved interesting conversations, overhear them and often quizzed about my impressions of conversations. Recently, I was questioned about a variety of topics that are bouncing around this community and beyond. However, one such conversation that really impacted myself revolved around the question: "What does it take to get this community mad as hell and ignited to do something about it? After a pause, as well as, a moment to gather my thoughts, I was stifled. Yes readers, me without a quick response or comeback to this basic premise. Then, it hit me. I don't know. The history of this community "getting mad as hell," is sketchy at best. We've had a few letters to the Editors, an Op Ed piece here and there, minuscule media coverage or interactivity, there has been a scattering of marches, speeches, testimonies, meetings, and mucho lip service to round things out. But, the actually "getting mad" meter needle hasn't broken through in my opinion. Although there have been good intentions, sound efforts and concerned advocates, they too are perplexed at the marginal response to their ongoing agendas. Even though I've been around the bend a couple of times, I've always been bothered by the lack of "fire" that permeates in this city. It seems that the tea cup of movers and shakers are always tapped to fund raise, attend, participate or support this or that campaign. Hillary Clinton once stated that it "takes a village,"and our predicament demands more than just ME, more than just a coalition of the willing, more than the Organization of the Day. It requires a community chorus realizing it's own strength, pooling precious resources and activated to design a course of action. To sum it up can be found in the words of literary Icon, James Baldwin whom eloquently reminds myself and now I share it with you, "To be conscious in America is to be in a constant state of rage..." Think about it and get involved Today!
OH!H1N1: With the health debate in a full tilt, I can't believe that we are experiencing a shortage of flu vaccine of any kind. This doesn't bode well as this measure creeps through the annals of Capitol Hill. As far as I'm concerned, I'm not worried about accepting the inoculation, but what gets me is the knee jerk production, double speak information and in some areas ineptness of preparation. I'm ready to support that "Public Option" but not getting this Flu thing right, opens the door to those opponents who want to shut out that element of the reform. I haven't tried to get anything from my PCP nor have I considered any of those "drive thru" clinic. In the meantime, I'm taking the naturally healthy route by getting more sleep( when I can), supplements, juices, good food and staying away from to many crowds!! If you are looking for the vaccine or need some more info, click it to
OH OH OH!: Every time I check the Fedjit gadget in the sidebar, I'm always glad to see that this forum is being checked from around the state all the way to some global clickers. I don't always check the statistics as I should, but I'm hopeful that our special brand of news, updates, links and commentary is making the rounds. As usual if you've got info, items, updates, creative content or photography let's hear from you. This is an open space for stimulating dialouge and conversation. Thanks to our readers in Cabot, Pine Bluff, Star City, Benton, North Little Rock, Jacksonville, Jonesboro and Camden. I know you are out there wanting to stay on point with COP:24/7. Tell your friends that we've got more of what you are looking for in the LGBTQ community and beyond!

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