Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Raging a Tuesday Machine Onward

Since fall blasted on to the scene, the weather has charted off the scale giving us cool evenings to sultry days. What's up? Well, it's Arkansas, of course. I'm use to these shifting atmospheric phases and certainly most of you as well, In the meantime, we'll keep shifting the gears of this forum as we continue to bring you more updates, breaking news, links, video and whatever makes the cut. It's all here at COP:24/7, let's step off shall we....

National Coming OUT Day, October 11, 2009
What have you done today to be proud? One such step might include coming to terms with your sexuality as well as discovering that it's uniqueness that shouldn't leave you discouraged, disappointed or demeaned. Unfortunately, throughout this nation there are individuals who are grappling with this dilemma or family drama. As a personal journey, it takes one through a range of emotions that can life changing affects, often manifesting themselves in later life. However, no matter how you arrive to your personal rainbow destination, it's important to know that "loving yourself is the greatest love of all!" As another teachable moment, I'm posting video courtesy of the HRC as featured on YouTube with a variety of stories which highlight these break throughs. If you have a personal story that you'd like to share or searching for an outlet to empower you, then hit us up here at COP:24/7 We'd love to hear from you, you and yes, you too!

NCOD Local Color:
Save the Date for our local NCOD event slated for October 10, 2009 Reservoir Park, going west on Cantrell Road ( also known as Hwy 10) turning to the left if traveling from Downtown or Right if coming from the West just after Reservoir Road. It jumps at 1pm., in celebration of National Coming Out Day and to encourage participation in equality work at the local and state level. There’ll Be Free Food, Entertainment, Speakers, Games and a Kickball Finale.This fun filled event is for ALL of our LGBTQ/Same Gender Loving community and allies. Bring your family and friends. COP:24/7 has joined the "coalition of the willing" to assist in this effort. However, as this coalition moves to provide these community building opportunities, it's imperative that this synergy expands our ability to create a "true sense of community." Fragmentation is not a viable option as we face challenging economic and political horizons. It's not about a free burger but a party with a purpose. If you are out of the loop, or not on point, then here's a chance for you to connect!

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