Monday, October 19, 2009

Manic Monday 2.0

Holy Toledo, Whoa Nelly, and boomshakla!! It's Monday again and I'm back in the house with a phat post right out the gate. No jet lag here! Let's go get em...

Sex In the Closet: Last week I put it down that there was "no sex in the closet" discussion from a Philander Smith campus group. At least that was the 6:50 p.m. FACEBOOK e-blast I got, however, it seems that I got mixed signals and was corrected about the situation from an ardent reader. In a response to that post, I was informed that "true enough" the e-blast went out, but organizers thought that they had touch all the bases for the meeting, yet discovered that somehow it didn't translate to facility officials. For the record, here's their full (unedited) explanation of what was really going on:
"... Yes, you are on point as to the Sex in the Closet episode.
Carissa Rodgers, a senior at Philander, had been excited about her part two of
"Gay Answers to Straight Questions" which was attended by over 100 people last
semester. She had followed the PSC policy and procedures for space, a/v
equipment,and simple things like chairs, only to show up and find nothing was in
place. The door to the auditorium was locked and the janitor was gone home. The
only other person with a key was President Kimbrough and surely he wasn't coming
back to the school to do it. But he did and he attended and participated. Also
attending were members of Brothas & Sistas, Little Rock Black Pride, UCA's
Prism and a host of predominately female students and staff. I'm sure many
people were lost in that moment that Carissa thought her long awaited 15 minute
follow-up was doomed but there were still about 70 people there. The topics
ranged from gender identity norms to HIV/AIDS. For the first time, I saw women
filling their purses with condoms. One of the staff asked for all that remained
because of the outbreak of STDs on campus. I informed her that the STDs were
clearing the road for HIV. I then asked about HIV testing and she said that
occasionally JCCSI would hold testing events. Not to step on toes but I informed
her that we would test whenever requested. Enough of my shameless plugs though.
Carissa's community level, campus based event went well despite the gliche.

Alrighty then. We stand firmly corrected and impressed with organizers determination to go on with the show despite some possible ball dropping. It's this type of chutzpa that it takes when offering community programming. Also, a big "fist bump" to President Kimbrough for walking the walk with that firm demonstration of support. We need more men like himself to step to the plate for our community and city!

Hola Arkansas: I was considerably surprised that the Latino HIV Day Spanish post was well worth the effort. I got a high five from Ari C. whom made me realize that this forum has many unlimited capabilities as a medium for outreach or information. It was another light bulb moment and a new learning curve for myself. If you've got idea, suggestions or observations, I created this space for your pleasure. All you have to do is speak up and own your words.

HIV Consumers Meet: Talk about multi-tasking, I had a chance to listen in on the recent teleconference of the HIV Consumer group last Thursdays as I awaited my flight. Although I did announce myself on the call, I didn't notice my name in the minutes but in true disclosure I wanted to state that for the record. What I heard was eye opening to say the least and cause me to raise an eyebrow. The group consist of stakeholders and Representatives from the four corners of the state or as they come forth. On the table for concern were issues surrounding the recent cost containment moves from ADH including the poverty level reduction, transportation, H1N1 access, patient assistance programs, housing wait list and ultimately, infections rates vs, treatment thresholds. As I listened, I thought to my self, "this isn't the early 80's, we are 30 years into this health dilemma yet we are still dealing with some of the same problems?" Why I ask and most likely so do you? Therefore, we will continue to monitor these proceedings and check in with other on the forefront of these efforts for some more Q& A. Stay tuned...

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