Friday, October 09, 2009

Free Fall Friday: A Remix in Fury

Since I'm in a deadline mode while producing Q-Visions, the official newsletter of NABWMT, I'm featuring content from source material in my e-box. As you know, I'm always open to content from a wide berth of contributors. It would be ever so great, if I could get more direct content from local writers, poets, thinkers and commentators. I know that many of you have got much to say, so, where are your voices? Think about it and put pen to paper or fingers to keyboards and start sharing! As we await more local throats, I'm posting a item from Alicia Banks from her Eloquent Fury site. She's caught our act and stated that she likes our carrying on. By permission, this dynamic women offered COP:24/7 usage of her material. It's powerful and brassy, but hey isn't that what this forum is all about anyway? All of her revolutionary vision can be tracked by to It is unedited and she owns the message.

I love, praise, and pray to God daily. My God is a universal and genderless spirit of love, inspiration, peace, wonder, and magic… I worship the very same God that trees do.
I am not an atheist. But, I have absolutely no use for any religion. Human men create all religions. Most religions are comprised of sexist, racist, xenophobic, and elitist myths.
For decades, I have written and spoken about my deep hot hatred for religious bigots. Most "Christians" are the global epitome of hypocrisies and hatreds that curse my life and torment my spirit. I despise evil sinful “holy” people who live inside churches as if they were bath houses. They are sinners who engage in so much trifling and deceit daily that they must run to churches every time the doors open.
I am a noble loner who lives a purpose driven life. I have dedicated my life to educating poor adults and children. I live every day doing good deeds. I live and love and let others do the same. I do not have to run to church to be cleansed because I do not live immersed in the toxic sludge of policing and judging the bodies, spirits, and souls of others.
I adore books. I am a voracious reader. I have read at least five books a week since I was six years old. At 45, libraries and books house the very same magic that they did when I was a child.
I am an eternal learner who prefers to study non-fiction. Scholarship is my greatest intellectual obsession. Biblical scholarship is my primary passion of choice.
I study the bible incessantly as a uniquely complex and infinitely interesting book of contradictory and elaborate myths and historical fables. No more. No less. Ever. The bible is merely a book. It is a great and timelessly entertaining book penned by human men who injected their own human suspicions, superstitions, bigotries, and beliefs into its voluminous pages.
Ironically, those who loudly quote the bible most frequently have never even read it. They are lobotomized sheeple who chant erroneous mantras mangled by pastors who are even more illiterate and ignorant than they are. They religiously regurgitate the biblical myths and lies that they have been told. Most hypochristians use their bible exclusively as a primer for hatreds. It is used expressly to condone their abuse of women or homosexuals.
Any functionally literate person who actually reads the bible can never believe that it is the word of God! The bible has countless translations, editions, and copyright dates. As religious beliefs changed, the authors of the bible edited its contents accordingly. Yet, religions have constantly caused more evil and murder on earth than any other ingredient in human life.
For centuries, hundreds of biblical scholars have proven that the bible is simply a book that has very little to do with Jesus or God. All biblical scholars know that the bible is simply one of many religious books. My favorite religious scholar is Dr. Bart D. Ehrman.
Ehrman is that very rare blend of academic genius that makes complex scholarship magnificently plain. He is deeply learned and eloquent. He has a gift for explanation that transcends lofty theology. His intensely cerebral books are sheer casual pleasures to read.
He has published many masterful books. All of them are academic and profound. But, his newest book surpasses his typical perfection. It is his most necessary and outstanding work to date.
All who care to know the truth about the bible must read: JESUS INTERRUPTED – REVEALING THE HIDDEN CONTRADICTIONS IN THE BIBLE (AND WHY WE DON’T KNOW ABOUT THEM) by Bart D. Ehrman.
Ehrman’s classic new book is a meticulous collection of detailed proofs of religious mythology and literary conspiracy. Like no other work I have ever read, this book succinctly documents specific contradictions and flaws that prove that the bible is literally the greatest story ever told.
All who care to know who Jesus really was will read this book. All who desire to be wiser than bigoted religious fools will read this superbly researched book immediately! God creates our brains so that we may use them to think for ourselves.
The bible is an ancient storybook that has only a nominal affiliation with the reality of Jesus and God. After reading this book, I am more convinced than ever before that Jesus was a human man. He was no more or less divine than Harriet Tubman, Fannie Lou Hamer, Sojourner Truth, Fred Hampton, Malcolm X, or Martin Luther King Jr….
I love that Jesus was a rebel and a prophet. Jesus never called anyone a “Christian”. Gaybashing, racist, elitist, and sexist "Christians" disgrace the biblical Jesus more each day!
I love how Jesus called out hypocrites and profiteers in churches. I love how he walked among the outcasts of society. Today, Jesus would not befriend mega rich TV pastors or hang out at their fashion shows inside gilded temples. He would walk within ghettos and trailer parks and befriend heartbroken homosexuals and haggard homeless people in storefront churches and public parks.
Intelligent pastors encourage believers to become biblical scholars. Ignorant cowardly pastors encourage illiteracy so that they can control the limited minds of their moronic flocks. Do what Jesus would and read: JESUS INTERRUPTED – REVEALING THE HIDDEN CONTRADICTIONS IN THE BIBLE (AND WHY WE DON’T KNOW ABOUT THEM) by Bart D. Ehrman.
Here are a few quotes from this classic book:
"For me, its just one of the great mysteries of the universe: how so many people can revere the Bible and think that it is God’s inspired revelation to his people, and yet know so little about it.

…just as I came to see the Bible as a very human book, I came to see Christianity as a very human religion. It did not descend from on high. It was created, down here on earth, among the followers of Jesus in the decades and centuries after his death.

In the South, it is true, more people revere the Bible than read it…For most Christians [in other parts of the world], Christian faith is about believing in Christ and worshipping God through him. It is not about belief in the Bible.

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