Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bang out Wednesday

AIDS Walking in Central Arkansas

Saturday, November 5, 10:30 - 5 pm in the Rivermakert Pavilion will mark the 9th Annual Arkansas AIDS Foundation AIDS Walk. The event will feature State Representative. Kathy Webb (D) as the keynote speaker. Organizers have stated that proceeds pledged during the walk will fund client services including labs, medications and physician care. COP 24/7 received a Facebook blurb concerning this event, however their was no organizational clarification on those who posted the information. For instance are they Board Members, volunteers or staff members.  Even though the posting has the AAF logo and in another post refers to the "website," as a visitor or web surfer how would you know exactly who these folks are or if this is a creditable event. I did later find a corresponding name embedded on the site. Furthermore, while mentioning the "website" where they state future pledge forms and other info will be posted, I noticed that the AFF website has not been updated in some time. Where are the latest Arkansas AIDS statistics? No CDC announcements or community links are presented even though AAF touts that they network with other organizations. How would a visitor really know if they needed to contact someone else other than AAF?  In my opinion, the images anchoring the site could use a diversity upgrade for sure.  Even more interesting is the fact that if the AIDS Walk has a 9 year history, where's that history on the website or any place else.?  Previously Me and my partner participated in this walk several years ago raising about $500 in pledges and contributions. However, we never received an acknowledgement of that effort nor was their any follow up on subsequent walks. Since then and even most recently this outing has never maximized its ROI ( return on investment) potential for the organization nor has it been a significant "rallying cry" within the community. In other words, who wants to contribute to something that you can't find out anything about. How much did you raise? How many folks turned out? Who were your Top Tier sponsors? How many clients did you really help?  Hey guys, this is your fundraiser 101 shout out from COP 24/7. If you need more just let us know, we've got plenty to share.    

NABWMT: Welcome to Little Rock 2011

The "Welcome to Little Rock Mixer" kicking off the NABWMT/ Midland Regional Meeting October 14-16, is set for Friday night October 14 at the La Qunita Inn, 617 South Broadway, 7 pm -until in the Clinton Conference Room. A portion of  the $5.00 suggested donation will benefit The Living Affected Corporation, a local 501c3 community based organization. This networking event is described as an evening of mixing and meeting a spectrum of diverse individuals both locally and visitors attending the weekend meeting. A Cocktail Buffet will be offered, music and door prizes will be the highlights. The National Association of Black and White Men Together is a gay, multiracial, multicultural organization committed to fostering supportive environments dealing with racial and cultural barriers. The group engages in educational, political, cultural and social activities as a means of dealing with racism, sexism, homophobia, HIV/AIDS discrimination and other social justice issues. The Midland Regional is a regional subset of the national entity encompassing both Midwest and Central states. The Midland provides assistance to existing chapters in these states while supporting the development of others as well as educational programming. This is the first visit by either group to the area.  A local host committee is being sought to facilitate registration, chaperoning and producing events during the weekend. If you are interested with volunteer opportunities contact: or the NABWMT/ Midland Weekend Hot line: 501.553.6314   In-kind contributions, donations and suggestions are encouraged. There will be FREE parking for the event and everyone is welcomed to attend.

Local Venues get Lower prices

Wal Mart is not the only folks in town who have lower prices. So do the local LGBTQ venues, who have done a micro-price roll back on beverages. Triniti, Off Center, Pulse and 610 have "price buster"  evenings with lowered drink prices for their patrons. At one time prices for beer hovered around the $4.00 mark with other libations hitting the $6 and upwards. Surprisingly, those prices reflected "non-call" brands, therefore, premium brands could cause you "shot shock" if you were not aware. Of course all of this relates to the current economic upheaval and those dastardly"sin taxes" that plague the industry locally. At this time there are beer offerings from $1.75 at 610 to getting the big boy pitcher at Sidetracks for $7.00 or it's $4.00 little brother. Also at Sidetracks on Friday nights you can help out your favorite organization with Keg Party opportunities that allow the groups to raise funds for their causes. Don't forget to check out Happy Hour pricing to assist in making those precious dollars go a bit further. Supporting the local establishments allows us all to have meeting and greeting places to share. Stop by your favorite place and tell em COP 24/7 sent ya!  

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