Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Bouncing a Multi Post Mash Up

As the US political system continues to churn in a stomach aching manner, COP 24/7 takes a deep breathe and keeps pressing on. It's all about the fast paced and on point laser that makes this forum keep bringing you the latest info, updates, and so much more. I've been out of pocket for the last few days and we're covering a lot of bases. So, hold on and keep it locked and loaded if you dare!!!

Pride in the City: A Perspective

It came and went this last weekend. What you ask? Little Rock Black Pride of course. Didn't know it was happening? Well, you and many more were in the same boat. However, for those who got the memo, then, this is the COP 24/7 overview and unfortunately folks, it's troubling to say the least. In full disclosure, I've tried to work with this organization previously, made my concerns known in other postings as well and now in my opinion after this year its time that this entire event needs a serious assessment. Why do I believe this you wonder, well its not rocket science as far as I'm concern. Although this event has good intentions and if restructured could be beneficial. Yet in its current status as witnessed by what was displayed last weekend, I say "hold up- wait a minute!" The event launched with a Meet & Greet mixer that for myself, sent warning signals that perhaps troubled waters lie ahead. Because you can't have a "mixer" without first of all having some mixing going on and a reason to do so. Why have someone at your "welcoming" table when they apparently are socially awkward not mention somewhat inept to the process. To this I will refer to my ongoing plea for everyone to learn the simple practice and politics of "Hello." If we can't learn to greet each other in any manner that is welcoming, no matter the atmosphere, then we've got more problems than we think. From that encounter I also noticed that it appeared that the scheduling for the events were somewhat disjointed. As the weekend proceeded I also noticed that this same scheduling had some people scratching their heads as to the "where, who, what and in some cases a down right "why am I here" factor that prevailed over the entire weekend. Who's really in charge with this thing is much of what I thought, especially since the show that was suppose to take place at the host hotel for unknown reason didn't take place, even though some performers were in the house to do so. Then the strange mash up at the Metroplex on Friday night that had a variety of folk grumbling directly to me personally while complaining about the "re-entry charge" to the event from the on the premise security. One rather irritated attendee stated to me later that they "would have rather jacked off using broken glass!"  OMG was that not a conversation stopper but shouldn't be the overall feeling from anyone attending anything. What's going on here?  Answer: It's the time and proved adage of "proper planning, prevents piss poor performance." Even more important is the fact that resources afforded to Little Rock Black Pride from numerous sources should be considered truly valued in lieu of funding sources being nipped in the bud for such activity. I believe that programming of this nature has its place, present core messaging opportunities and offer empowerment possibilities that are desperately needed for this community. Was there anything good about it? Yes, there were good intentions with the HIV/AIDS testing although this too has issues, and the expo and fashion show was also a good concept, but poor administration and loose and fast planning will not suffice to achieving glowing outcomes. This event is linked to the International Federation of Black Prides which has been supportive both financially and via mentor ship to which I'm sure they too want to see such an event succeed as a viable representative of their organization. However, I would suggest to LRBP that they refined their programming efforts to ensure not only better attendance but profitability. Renew their leadership structure including organizational practices, principles, and purposes with ultimate transparency being a goal. Why not become an event that we all can be truly proud of instead of one that represents a low wattage circuit party wannabee tainted by gaffs, laughs and trap doors. Take it from me Little Rock Black Pride, audiences don't like being taken for granted nor for fools. Also may I remind you that every dollar counts these days and there's none to fuck up.  Hear this my brothers, either get it together or get to stepping!

MABIN Wins re-election in Write In campaign and Awarded from NABWMT

Yeah you read it right in the headline and its not a shameless plug, but simply put, just what happened as I attended the 31st Annual convention of The National Association of Black and White Men Together, Inc, in Laswww.qvexpress.wordpress.com and www.nabwmt.org I need to hear from all of you who want to make Little Rock shine brightly for our guest.

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