Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Deep End of COP 24/7

This forum was designed and developed as an interactive platform to encourage conversation, debate, discussion or dissent. When we embarked on this journey some 5 years ago I had always hoped that others would step up and bring their voices on the issues and situations that surround us daily. We have never feared any topic, back talk or subject matter during the evolution of COP 24/7. Always know that your opinions, observations, rants or oratory thoughts are openly encouraged and roubustly awaited. With that said, such a voice has come forth to share her thoughts and we feel proud to offer it to our readers and beyond. It is unedited or altered and used by permission.

COP24/7 Special
NAKED for a Cause by Samantha Rochelle

So, I wonder…what would happen if we were all NAKED! I’m not talking about Naked in the shower, in bed, at the doctor’s office, maybe even on a stripper pole. I’m talking about totally, completely, without a single piece of fabric, NAKED!? And taking it a step further, what if we all were NAKED and cut emotionally and mentally WIIIDE OPEN?! Wow! Talk about no need for perception then..Ha! What would happen if someone asked you the simple question, “How are you”? Having become that exposed, would we still be able to lie and fabricate our story and say, “Oh, me? I’m great! I’m whole! I’m awesome”!

 Would we search for “cover up” words and say, “ I’m ok. All is well. Things are good and I am good”!? OR WOULD WE ANSWER THE UNEXPECTED, “I’m not doing well at all. I’m hurting so bad and don’t know what to do about it. It pains me to think of where I am right now. I have screwed up and can’t forgive myself. I’m struggling with my demons. I’m a big liar! I’m lost and don’t know what to do. I gave all of me and they cheated. I blame others for my mishaps. I just hurt him/her because of my own insecurities. I judge others because of my fear and understanding. I’m thinking about jumping over the bridge today and ending it all. Life doesn’t seem worth living. I’m miserable and looking for company.

I never got over my past ish and so because I don’t know how to deal with it, I hurt others for a little sense of fulfillment”. OUCH! How then, would we be able to receive others? How then, would be able to love others, in spite, of themselves? How then would we be able to embrace others? Would we deny them of their needs and refuse to help? Would we run away from them because we are feeling the same way? Would we choose to not welcome them in because it’s too much responsibility of us to actually be our brothers/sisters keeper? OR, would we actually be able to connect with others? Would we be more willing to accept others? Does being “REAL” actually mean the desire to be a person or accept a person of authenticity?
What would have if we laid our carnal, fleshly, filthy selves before one another? Would we get our brushes, cleaning supplies, buckets, and help to clean each other up? Metaphorically speaking, would we throw each other to the wolves, burn each other up with the leaves, or take the trash to the dumpster? Folks, this is a crucial time! These questions aren’t just for Christians, Muslims, Jehovah witnesses, atheist, agnostics, science believers..It’s posed for us all! I don’t have some great scripture read for you, quote, or any of those things. I am simply moved by compassion and a filthy, dirty, human being full of mistakes, hardships, hurt, anguish, confusion, wrongs, and struggles with the desire to compel …. The desire to compel and challenge…..The desire to compel, challenge, and hope with urgency that each of us will stand or lay NAKED , pour out truths, and offer up our authentic selves to one another!

You see, not only am I dying daily and constantly seeking healing and restoration on the inside out, but so are so much more of some of us! I look and remember some people that I know that are in jail paying for crimes they have committed. But, I also acknowledge, look, and remember some people that I know that are paying for their crimes and conditions right where they are. Just because we aren’t serving jail time, doesn’t mean we aren’t bound by chains of affliction, loss, and the need of affirmation and someone to meet our needs! At least, in prison, there is or should be some sort of rehabilitation plan…Where are our rehabilitation plans equipped with ; therapists, ministers offering forgiveness and hope, etc….

So, again, I pose the original question, What would happen if we were all NAKED, emotionally and mentally WIIIIDE OPEN? What would happen if I stood before you and told you that I was NAKED, WIIIDEreunited with the only man I ever loved and having him taken away from me for 7 years in prison and being reunited with him ONLY to discover that we have changed and the LOVE IS GONE, settled for lovers that were beneath my potential and should have never been a part of my journey, had casual, meaningless sex and put myself at risk of a sexually transmitted disease that I couldn’t get rid of because of the voids I needed filled, felt and sometimes still feel TOTALLY MISUNDERSTOOD, forsook several friends, cheated on a spouse or partner, damaged a person’s heart for seemingly ever, attempted to kill myself a time or two, had thoughts of giving up my beautiful son because the responsibility was too great, resented my father and mother, experienced a jealous spirit towards my sisters, had a need to please everyone regardless of how I suffered because of it, currently in a condition full of recent mistakes and not sure how to get out, questioned God and his existence ,etc…

There I am folks, NAKED, WIIIIDE OPEN, with a past and even some present that I battle and struggle with daily- only, most of the time, having my faith to hold on to with EVERYTHING THAT I HAVE! What if, I’m not alone???????

TO BE CONTINUED…(next week, join us if you dare.)

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