Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mid Week Rush

After traveling through 6 airports, 3500 miles, 200 e-mails and numerous and assorted text messages and phone messages, I'm coming around the bend in getting caught up with this meteoroid of a life that I lead on a daily basis. Yes, my dear readers, I'm busy, if not damn busy thank you and I'm loving every minute of it because its what keeps me not only connected but crafting the legacy that I'm determined to leave when its O-V-A. I can't imagine fading to black and not have given my all to be apart of the chorus of those folks who are trying to make a difference in the world. Even though I move about the landscape to meetings, seminars and what have you, its not really about all that, its the results and outcomes that drive me to keep driving me. Its my passion for empowerment, knowledge and taking my place at the table of decisions. I don't want to sit idly by while those other folks, whoever they may be, that will make decisions that will impact you or me. Hey people, heads up, its not all about me, its totally all about you and what you gonna do. I'm locked and loaded, how about you....

The Names Game

As I said previously, I get lots of mail of all sorts. Usually I try to filter what's useful and toss the rest if its not making the cut for this forum or otherwise. However, I did get the memo from local group CAR ( Center for Artistic Revolution) clarifying a situation that most likely needed clarifying. Especially since it seems that not matter how much we clarify these days, stuff seems to not be clear. But I digress. The statement pointed out that the LHM Youth Center was a separate entity from the "conceptualized" Lucie's Place which is seen as a projected domicile for homeless GLBTQ youth.
At the nub of the matter is a brouhaha over the alleged co-mingling of "names" on a the CAR mailing list that somehow went out to publicize as well as seek potential prospects of the "Luice" project. According to the piece, it was floated that this took place when a former worker took liberties with the organizational data base without permission. Subsequently, unsuspected folks got notices which they assumed was being sent by CAR for the Lucie housing project which was not the case. Therefore, some of the CAR mail list folks express some irritation and concern about their "names" being accessed by a purportedly third party. You know its all about privacy these days, to which I say there is none, but we would like to think so. Just when I thought the matter was a done deal, then there was more quibbling about "going public" with this stuff as if there had been another Watergate break in or our version of Wiki leaks Little Rock style. Wow! Was it all that? I know that many organizations vow to keep your name private, including this forum, but when covert meetings take place and lawyers enter the picture, that means things are taking a different turn. How could this name game blow up in this manner you ask? Well it depends on who you ask. But from what COP 24/7 can discern, there are many factors at play and too many for us to really point out in one sitting. So we will go with our best few. To begin, we got "big personalities" in this town and sometimes they don't mind melt well with others they interact with. I know this for a fact because I've been accused of being such a personality. I was asked to resign from the Arkansas AIDS Foundation board because I took the time to learn what a good board member was suppose to do as well as the responsibilities of that post. I asked the "hard" questions and held people accountable for their actions or lack of. I came prepared to know my cause, purpose and reason for being on the groups board. However, that was more than they could handle. Consequently you get people sitting at the table who are seen but ineffective to growing the organization. Secondly, everyone is competing for the same meager turf of resources that has almost been tilled to death. So every "name" is coveted plus any lead generator precious to our local service providers toward sourcing contributors. Unfortunately, we don't have a huge pool to dip from due to the variety of agencies, CBO's and fundraising efforts that take place just in the central Arkansas area. It's almost impossible to compete with outfits such as United Way, Junior League or Arts this or that. However, after working in the GLBTQ community over the years, I thought we would be so much further along at this point. Yet, I'm still hopeful that somehow, someday, in some way, we will be able to create the synergy and unity needed to affect us all.

Events- R- Us!!

There are a variety of events coming at us fast and furious. This weekend is jammed packed with a double-header Birthday Celebration featuring yours truly and my longtime companion Mr. J. at Sidetracks, 415 Main Street on the North Shore. It's jumping off at 8 pm until we can't go no more. I like to collaborate therefore,  this outing is a "party with a purpose" as we make people aware and fund raise for The Living Affected Corporation. A local community based organization that is seeking to address promoting positive sexual health for all. The group is committed to ensuring a comprehensive system of HIV care in Arkansas. They support holistic prevention and treatment programs which are accessible to marginalized communities. COP 24/7 encourages your participation, solicit your contributions and donations on their behalf. Meanwhile, the boys who would be girls, will be walking the catwalk for the Miss Gay Arkansas pageant starting this Thursday at Club Pulse and onto Triniti, 8.13-14. 2011. It's been 40 years of impersonation in this city and I shutter to think that I've been around for most of it! Reigning monarch, S.T. Andrews will host the event along with a special appearance by Miss Gay America, Coti Collins. As usual there will be a cast of "thousands" as they recount four decades of paint, powder and pageantry. The latter years of this contest has been faced with challenges which I assume have given organizers reason to reassess and maybe even question its future. Its no secret that preliminaries have lacked a field of contestants but rather end up with "representative" of the contest. But I guess no matter how you look at it, "a win is a win." At least I thought that when I came away the winner as Miss North Little Rock, 2002 only to learn that "all that glittered wasn't gold," not to mention that there wasn't a lot of back bone present to hold up those pricey gowns. Then I heard from a selected few that the "dollars don't add up" for them personally. Being a contestant in this show girl extravaganza is not for the cheapskate or the overly frugal. You've got to bring the total package to make the cut. Now for my prediction, I'm going to throw the names in the air and say that Mya Alexander will walk away with it as Morgan McCall coming in at 1st Alternate. There you have it and if I'm on point then so be it, if not, oh well better luck next time.

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