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In case you haven't noticed, I missed a few days being "on point." Why you ask? Well, thanks for asking. It's all about taking it on the road and going out our comfort zone to meet and greet folk across the country. You can't learn, develop new viewpoints or broaden your horizons if you don't take the initiative to engage others who are doing important work and impacting the world. Its imperative to get out of our back yard, see something, learn anything and feel a vibe that will make you want to be apart making a difference. It all begins with YOU! Do a random act of kindness today....and then share it with us.

COP 24/7 Special
Change your life in 4 Steps

Does prayer really work in achieving career success? Does God take sides in the workplace favoring the faithful versus the faithless? From my personal spiritual evolution from traditional religious upbringing to New Thought enthusiast my career and entrepreneurial success only propelled once I embraced four cornerstones of spirituality: Affirmative prayer, Meditation, Spiritual visioning and Action Planning.

Affirmative Prayer: Affirmative prayer is the process of affirming the qualities of God which we already possess internally. It takes the stance that since we come from Spirit that we are emanations of God in human form which means we already have access to the solutions to our problems and situations. We have God-potential in everything we say and do. So by making affirmative statements about our lives we embody, vibrate and manifest into existence the qualities we place behind the words “I Am” or any affirmative statement that we vocalize about ourselves.

Examples of Affirmative Statements:
I Am______ prosperous, whole, complete, joy-filled, forgiving, compassionate, loved.
I Am ______the love of God, the Prosperity of God, the Peace of God, the Joy of God
All of my _______needs are met, career desires achieved, fears are dissipated.
My life is____________ financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually prosperous!
But we must vibrate with wholehearted faith because the answers/solutions are already inside us, we just have to embrace and affirm it into manifestation.

Meditation: An old saying states that “prayer is talking to God while meditation is listening to God.” The concept of mediation is quieting the mind, extinguishing the ego and receiving a word from the Creator. Meditation is allowing the Universe to impress upon you the direction, the answers and pearls of wisdom of life. You must completely clear your mind of all that attempts to clutter it. It should be a blank slate void of your perceived problems of the day. Fight the urge to think. Fight the urge to remember what’s pressing and allow yourself to float into the air of nothingness. Become an open vessel for God and allow it to download more of itself into you without your thinking, judging or perceiving it with your surface mind. Allow the answers to flow to you with ease from Spirit.

Spiritual Visioning: This process allows you to vividly receive Spirit’s plan for your life while in a deep meditative state. This is done by asking very pointed questions of Spirit. What is your plan for my life? What color is it, what does it sound or smell like, which people come to mind to assist me with this vision, which locations around the world? Basically you’re having a 20 Questions chat with God and awaiting the divine answers to flow. This technique is particularly good for those lacking vision or purpose.

Action Planning: After spiritual visioning you should quickly write down all the images, sights, smells that came to mind as they are elements, clues and insight from which you will build your vision, mission, plan and tactical steps. Your vision is the end result so set your intention there. Mission is what you need to do right now to achieve your vision. Plan is the series of smaller steps that must be taken. Tactical steps are the mechanical executions to push it through. For example:
Vision: To teach on a university level

Mission: Earn a master’s or doctorate degree so that you can meet the educational requirements
Plan: Take the GRE/GMAT entrance exam, apply to master’s, doctorate and financial aid programs
Tactical Steps: Manually complete all applications then email or send them off to be reviewed
Over time your mission might change as you approach closer to your vision which also means you will have new corresponding plans and steps. I encourage you to take all four simple yet monumental steps in order to spiritually grow, enhance and deepen your life and career. It is well worth the effort.

Herndon Davis, MBA, is author of the New Though Career Management Book, “Repackaged Common Sense” and can be reached for speaking engagements and workshops at

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