Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rainbows Over Perfect Storms

Like many of you there's always music rolling through my head of some sort. Amazingly I have a wide love of many types of music ranging from classical to rap. I can also honestly say, I was a "little bit country when it wasn't cool," as well. Every now and then for no reason at all, a tune will pop up that seems to be right on time. Overnight it was the song "Clouds," by Chaka Khan that seemed to creep to the forefront as my current life soundtrack. I've always been a big Khan fan and have seen her in concert right here in Little Rock. Even though that performance may not have been her best, at least I got that chance of a lifetime. Its so sad that many of the great performers buzz through maybe once or twice, never to return. Written by the iconic composers, Ashford and Simpson, the song is an empowering anthem that states even though "it may rain and all my dreams will melt away like sand, no matter the heartache, no mater the rain, those clouds are not going to take away my sunny day." So much said in so few words. No wonder I like it so much as it bounces through my head while I'm throwing down this post. With that as a backdrop, lets see what else is barnstorming in the land....

COP 24/ Special
Living Affected CEO Speaks Volumes

Hello Folks,
These have been some tumultuous days (July 17the – August 17th).
I have spent 8 days in Chicago organizing a memorial service for an aunt,
· 3 days in Washington DC learning methods to organize young Black Gay Men,
· Memorialize my friend, LaPortia Sims whom died of complications due to AIDS after over 20 years of fighting it.
· Facilitating a HIV 201 class for outreach workers
· Organizing and leading a multi-state conference call on the Black Gay Men HIV Crisis
· Hosting the Consumer Advisory Board meeting
· Co-chairing the CPG meeting
· 4 days in Atlanta at the National HIV Prevention Conference to present on what HIV advocacy efforts are going on in Arkansas.

I believe I have done enough to say that I am tired. The problem is that it doesn’t and can’t stop here. We have a serious problem and “all that it takes for evil to prevail is for good men and women to do nothing.” WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT SEX! WE HAVE TO LOVE OURSELVES! Every life has a purpose that is related to the next persons. We really are our brother’s keeper.

At this point, if we continue denying the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness to our LGBT community, then we are no better than those that watched idly by as the holocaust happened. This is genocide by way of apathy and prejudice. I am begging that every single person make a conscious effort to put their self-righteousness down and choose to love all. No one really needs your acceptance. We accept the fact that we have to pay taxes and figure out how not to every chance we get. No one needs your tolerance. We tolerate the existence of bugs but kill them when we see them. We need you to love us as you want to be loved.

If you feel the need to put your gay child out, look inside of yourself and figure out why your child’s sexuality bothers you so much. Could it be that there are people, like you, that may harm them? Then it is you that needs to be the first to change. You be the one less person. If you find yourself treating your gender variant child differently than you do the rest of your children, then look inside of yourself and find out why your son’s femininity or your daughter’s masculinity bother’s you. Could it be that you feel out of control? Then again, it is you that needs to check your control issues. Could it be that you feel that you have done something wrong in the upbringing of your child? The answer is no. You need affirmation and your child certainly does. DO SOMETHING! But if you can’t do anything else; DO NO HARM!

D. Levi,
CEO, The Living Affected Corporation

Faces of Distinction: SGL Men planning October Meeting

Various local groups are planning to collaborate in offering a "Faces of Distinction" session during the weekend meeting of The National Association of Black and White Men Together and Regional Midland being held in Little Rock, October 15, 2011. According to organizers, the event is being designed to address a variety of issues ranging from HIV/AIDS stigma, homophobia in the Black community to entrepreneurial pursuits. At this posting, interested individuals are encouraged to submit suggestions for additional topics or speakers. Contact, 612-2599 for more information. The host hotel is the La Quinta Inn & Suites downtown. To register for the Fall Midland Regional access the on line portal:   Volunteers, Contributors and in-kind donations are now being sought for this event.

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