Monday, August 15, 2011

A COP 24/7 Swing Out Monday

After a turbulent last week that included a roller coaster Wall Street episode, more economic punches, marauders roaming the land and enough spinning rhetoric to make one want to holla. Its living in America 2011 and if you have fastened your seat belt, then perhaps you should. Even though their much gloom and doom talk talk, don't despair because somehow, we all get through these rough patches that blow through our way. Therefore, as we filter out what's real and what's not factual, COP 24/7 will keep buzzing with our special brand of what's really going on. Let's go deeper, shall we....

Birthdays- R- US: Reflections and Rewards

This past weekend, myself and LTC JM continued our tradition to use our "birthday's" as a centerpiece to place focus on a worthwhile charity. This year we went with The Living Affected Corporation which promotes holistic, positive sexual and reproductive health for all. The organization has taken a distinct stance on African Americans MSM ( men having sex with men) who are dealing with both HIV/AIDS and co-morbidity issues while assessing messages that affect all marginalized communities. As the evening ebbed and flowed, we both were filled with many a range of emotions from concern to total elation. There were many well wishers who came out to let us both know that they wanted not only a night out but believed that the "party with a purpose" angle was unique. For myself personally, at times I was overwhelmed by folks I have not seen in awhile who shared antidotes and stories they remembered about interacting with myself. To my surprised, I heard from a few that stated they had been "scared" of me for one reason or another. When I inquired as to what was so scary about myself, they replied that it was the fact that I seemed to be assured, in control and undeterred to accept my sexuality or how life would impact it.  I thought to myself, I didn't realize that "being me as I perceived it," was having an impact on anyone. Especially while finding it out a couple of decades later. Yet throughout the evening, remarkably I was reminded many additional times that my choices, decisions, miscues and or failures have been on display like a big top circus for all to see. I've lived "out loud" and been proud about it unlike some others who had suffered self-esteem issues or shackled by stigma. Of course life wouldn't be complete without those who don't feel you or have formed a less favorable opinion of you because they've not taken the time to get to know you. It happens to all of us, no matter your social status or position. Yet this too I've taken in stride while continuing to keep moving ahead.  Apparently I've done it my way and many of you were applauding from afar and near and I thank you for that support. Ultimately what's been most rewarding is to have been fortunate to have had a partner who has shared both the spotlight and shadows within our relationship. Somehow we've always believed that its our destiny to try to make a difference beacuse making a difference begins with the man in the mirror. The power of one can be a force to be reckoned with if you just believe it can be done. 
To sum it all up, we both have been lucky to have navigated our extended families including weddings to funerals, meanwhile forging our own pathway to living and loving as a multi-racial, multi-cultural couple. We thank everyone who took the time to roll through, offer your well wishes, enjoy our food (big props to the Sidetracks team for set up and culinary donation) and let us know that in some small way we've touched your lives. We send you love, hope and encourage you to keep your heads to the sky as you find your way to live out loud!

And the Winner Is?

Alright, nobody's perfect when it comes to predicting things. And I'm the first congratulate, Zia D Yor as the new Miss Gay Arkansas America and Jazmyn Turelle as 1st Alternate. From what I learned it was a horse race with DYor nosing out Turelle at the finish gate. Each will go on to compete in the nationals, October 12-16 in Columbus, Ohio. I discovered some competition video on YouTube from a Facebook link. However, due to privacy issues and such, all I can tell you is to use you search abilities to find it. Often its a pain in the ass to get all these permissions and clearances to use imagery or video. But its what we have to work with and so we do what we can. In case you didn't know and as I always say,"most likely you don't," I hope that these guys know what they are getting in too or proposing to represent. Is all this competing to be "symbols of excellence," really about excellence or possible acension to "ego towers?" As I read the "job description" for Miss Gay America, I thought this is a heck of descriptive frame that these newly elected titleholders will have to subscribe too? Being apart of the "sisterhood" as well as the 40 year legacy can be daunting if not down right hard. But each year a group of guys go the limit to do it anyway.  In another interesting factoid, I believe this is the first time in its history that the top 2 are people of color. COP 24/7 wishes these two well on their quest to represent the state and offers a big high five to all who brought their talents to the competition. For more pagaent info go to or

Host Committee for NABWMT

When planning a national meeting in conjuntion with a regional meeting takes some doing. And that means that we need some volunteers to chime in on that planning. So, if you are interested in doing so, then share your thoughts to this forum. We'd love to hear from you. There are many volunteer opportunties for numerous upcoming activities and you can get in on being apart of making a difference. DO it TODAY!!


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