Friday, August 12, 2011

Freaky Friday Fall OUT

It's another TGIF and this posting is TA-DAH, number 683. Yes my pretties, that's six hundred eighty three COP 24/7 entries that have found their way from my cerebellum into this forum. Forever captured into my own cyberspace time capsule that will await future audiences to discover and ponder. I'm sure they'll be saying, "what was that guy thinking or who did he think he was? How about, "why did he take the time to put his thoughts on front street like that?"  For the record and for those who might have those questions right now, I never intended to go very far from the jump. When this new medium was unveiled, I thought how interesting that I could literally publish my observations, opinions and what have you, as I wished. Over the years I've dabbled with working for other media folk including the now defunct Southern Mediator Journal, which was at that time the only Black newspaper in the city. Let's just say that my experience with that joint was mixed with the good, the bad and the ugly. I remember working tirelessly with meager pay only to be fired by an ego driven bastard that lacked people skill among others. That venture later ceased publication and I smiled with a bit of glee. And yes there were others such as having a door slammed in my face by the Program Director at KOKY, going for what I thought was a possible internship interview with a News Director at KTHV Channel 11, only to be told by the receptionist that "he wasn't having a good day," and I guess he felt that I shouldn't have one either. When it comes to the sporadic local gay media, let just say I don't want to even think about it because most people just wouldn't believe it if I revealed the details. Perhaps if I get a chance to do a book, maybe folks would be interested in me spilling the beans on so many topics. Until then, let's get real and roll the dice this outing....

Let's Talk about SEX

Last week the CDC announced their latest findings concerning HIV/AIDS in the U.S. Even though the report cited some case "stability," it was the alarming facts that 48% of the new cases were among Black MSM from 13-29 and a 20% increase in the Latino community. This week the CDS's Dr. Donna McCree appeared on MSNBC to reiterate the news and reinforced that the issue of stigma is a significant element within linking individuals to care and issued a mandate that this health dilemma needs to "talked about" in the Black community without judgement. She concluded, that it should be in our day to day conversations and apart of any and all health regimens such as high blood pressure checks or diabetes. This approach has not gone unrecognized by local groups such as the Arkansas HIV Community Advocates, The Living Affected Corporation and the Community Advisory Board which have had spirited dialogue and strategies sessions dealing with the nuts and bolts of developing a new outlet for such messaging. Partnership are being explored with the Arkansas Department of Health, Future Builders among other allies that are being canvassed for input and overviews.  As programming develops, COP 24/7 will bring it to you first and wants to encourage readers, consumers and interested parties to share your thoughts with this forum. This process is not limited to organized entities, everyone and anyone who has something positive to offer to the discussion, would like to volunteer, suggest sponsorships or direct in-kind contributions are welcomed. Let you voices be heard!!

Social Media, COP 24/7 and U

Just getting this baby out can be hand full and then some. But even though I make it seems so easy some think that this stuff just rolls out without force. But trust me it takes effort, research and much reading while gathering the items that make the cut on a daily basis. Meanwhile with this plate being tossed about, we also toss about postings on Facebook plus a check in on MySpace, LinkedIn and if time allows Twitter. Some days its just too much!  The technology curve keeps this forum on a tight leash as we attempt to stay on the cutting edge of it all. Did you know that we've produced Podcast? By golly we have and a link to those archives will be added to our links section. Video's? Yeah we've posted those too and looking to produce our own home grown products as well. So, if any of you video guru's want to share your expertise, hit me up for some brainstorming. I'm not all about doing everything solo. Let's collaborate and make something unique happen. I know that we've got many talented individuals who need to share their energy and creativity with the masses. COP 24/7 is always looking for partnership and sponsorship opportunities to full fill our vision of empowering, educating and informing the GLBTQ community and beyond. Let's hear from you TODAY!! is Coming to Little Rock October 13-16, 2011 is a national social website for Butch and Femme lesbians and we are having a huge party right here in Little Rock at the Peabody Hotel, October 13-16 We have a very special performance by renowned poet and author Ivan Coyote as well as a keynote speech by author Dorothy Allison! There will be hundreds of Butch and Femme Lesbians from all over the United States and they say you will love this party. Obviously there's going to much going on this weekend including the The National Association of Black and White Men Together Inc.will be in town for their national board meeting in conjunction with its Midland Regional Meeting, being hosted at the LaQuinta Inn & Suites Downtown.( room rates of $76.50) For more info link to

This event includes a Meet and Greet, a Cabaret Night with performances, a Big Gay Prom, a Femme clothing swap, tons of bonding dinners, late-night pj parties and MORE!
At this time, if you are a Butch or Femme Lesbian from Arkansas we are offering a HALF PRICE registration fee to our party. Your registration fee will include ALL FOUR DAYS of the party, 2 buffet dinners, and free breakfast every morning! Regular rates are $95 per person but we love our Arkansas folks so much that we are giving half price discounts!
To register, go to our homepage at  and click on the party mask. Once you reach the information page, click "register" and enter our discount code "Razorback" on the registration page.
We hope that all of our Arkansas Butches, Studs, Bois, Femmes, Females, Ladies, etc. will come out and represent!

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