Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spin Down Tuesday

COP 24/7 Special
3 Decades of HIV/AIDS: Deconconstructing The Gift
This forum has continued to highlight as well as showcase the latest information concerning HIV/AIDS in Arkansas. Even as new drugs have come through the medical pipeline, individuals are discovering regimens that have expanded their lives, their remains much that continues to reveal itself in dealing with this health dilemma. Such is the puzzling phenom as "Bug Chasing," which is the subject matter of the posted video which was created several years ago but this forum felt that it should be revisited. This behavior is described as individuals whom seek out infected persons to be mutually infected due to their despair with the health crisis and the issues of "fitting in" the gay social construct. Especially gay youth who lack safe spaces or those who desire social outlets other than local bars. Striking as this may seem, it is still taking place across the country and this portion of the documentary attempts to deconstruct this approach by inquiring with those who have taken the action of seeking "the gift" or "positive gifting." It is the reaction of the LGBTQ community in regards to social networking and the power of the Internet as a sexual frontier which calls for more dialogue. Watch at your discretion and share your thoughts with us. Watch for more links, video and messaging from COP 24/7 on this ongoing health pandemic.

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P.Poppers said...

Hopefully you will agree that this video is pretty 1 sided. Unless I missed it, they never actually interviewed someone who identified as a bug chaser, but yet we heard from everyone else. What kind of "documentary" about someone, does not even allow that person to talk?