Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Snap, Crackle and Meltdown in the USA

And so it goes...all around us it seems that many forms of mayhem, disruption, distress and distrust is rapidly reaching the tipping point. Almost every waking day we keep getting "gloom and doom" messages from the news cycle that just won't quit. However, as the roller coaster ride of life keeps taking us all through the ups, downs and curves, we must tighten the seat belt and hold on!! In the meantime, COP 24/7 will keep pumping it out with more news, views, opinion, observations, and even a kitchen sink or two, for our readers in the GLBTQ community and beyond! Let's go get em...

Which Way is Up: Stock Market goes Ga-Ga!

As I compose this, the stock market is in a free fall and it ain't pretty. For some of you, you may say who gives a shit?  Unfortunately, I've got to at least pay attention since I'm vested in the market and what's happening on the Dow Jones and S&P is news to me. Not because I'm a big baller or top flight shot caller, it's vitally important that each of us be aware of what's going on around us no matter invested or not. Far too often, we I'm engaging many of you in conversation and I ask you what's going on, I get the proverbial "I ain't doing nothing." Really? Nothing. If only I had nothing to do but do nothing. Not to be too preachy, but surely folks you can find something to do when we have agencies that could use volunteers, programs that need mentors and if nothing else making donations to assist those who are making the effort to change the world with their work. I'm not in a panic about the market, despite its severe dip or feeling a heart swoon from all the talking heads on FNC, CNBC or CNN. I'm staying focused and determined to ride out all that Wall Street can throw my way meanwhile lending my time, expertise and commitment to speak to policy makers, question my political representatives, and giving voice for those of you who may feel your opinion doesn't matter. Please know that there are many of us advocates, activist and advisers leading the charge on a daily basis but also know that we can't always go it alone. It's vitally important that you decide what the future will hold for your lives and who will impact it and why.  

Homeland Security Secretary Speaks

Next week the Frank and Kula Kumpuris Distinguished Lecture Series at the Clinton Center, will  feature Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. As part of her "University Series" of speeches on critical homeland security challenges, Secretary Napolitano will discuss the important role that public service can play in securing our country from the threats we face, from terrorism to natural disasters. As the nation’s third Secretary of Homeland Security, Napolitano has forged new partnerships with international allies and expanded information sharing among federal, state and local law enforcement. She has initiated new, more strategic approaches to strengthen security along our southwest border, enforce our immigration laws and bolster the nation’s ability to prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters. Prior to her appointment, Napolitano was serving her second term as governor of Arizona where she was recognized for her leadership in national security, border security and immigration. This will be a perfect time to ask Ms.Napolitano about the uncompleted fence, those costly none working surveillance monitors and are we really securing the border or is it broken like much of the rest of our systems. Sounds like a good evening for explanations.
The Kumpuris Lecture Series was established by Katherine Ann Kumpuris Trotter, Dr. Drew Kumpuris and Dr. Dean Kumpuris in honor of their mother, Kula Kumpuris, and in memory of their father, Dr. Frank Kumpuris. The series is sponsored by the Clinton Foundation, the Clinton School and AT&T.

When: Monday, August 22, 2011

6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. – Lecture

Where: Clinton Presidential Center

Great Hall

*Reserve your seats by emailing kumpurislecture@clintonschool.uasys.edu, or calling 501-683-5239.

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