Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Up in the Air COP 24/7

Have you ever had one of those days that everything is "up in the air?" Well, if you haven't, doesn't it seem like much of what's going on in the world is "up in the air." The 24 hour news cycle keeps us all teetering on the edges of our seats waiting to hear the latest gloom and doom. Its inescapable it seems as we go about our daily grind. Famine in Somalia, rioting teens in England, the Afghan mess, government gridlock, crime, and wacko economics. Its all their for us to consume each and every day. But, even as we believe that the world is going to hell in a hand basket, we go on. And certainly COP 24/7 moves on with what made the cut this outing.

Obamarama in a Swirl

President Obama just can't catch a break these days. The last few weeks have just not been good to the administration including the ongoing employment numbers, Wall Street rocking and rolling, and slings and arrows volleying from all angles. Now comes the Black Congressional Caucus shooting from the hip stating,m "Hey President Obama, where's the plan, Stan? If you want us to let go, then let us know?" Ouch! Its bad enough that Tavis Smiley and Cornell West has been on the prez's case, now comes the Black leaders from the Hill. What's a guy to do. Well, let's get on the bus. So Obama takes to the road on the governments new 11 Million dollar mega bus touring the Midwest to share his vision with small town folk before he goes on a 10 day vacation on Martha's Vineyard. Of course all this sound like routine presidential stuff right? Not on your life. The leader of the free World has been lambasted for all of it from a who's who list of detractors. Especially the Black Caucus which felt that Mr. O should have rolled through Detroit with its double digit unemployment rate reported  as a"real 50 percent" and crisis in the African American community. While speaking at a Job Fair in Detroit, Maxzine Waters voiced her frustration but added that "we're supportive of the President, but we're getting tired y'all." Plus the CBC is talking about being "unleashed" to confront the commander in chief. Oh brother! Holy Hope and Change! Meanwhile Obama has plans to again address the nation after Labor Day with more details on what's up. O.K. Mr. President this is getting kinda rough and it appears that folks such as Bauchman, Romney, Perry and god knows who else are circling the waggons. When you get rested, come on back and roll it out to the American people.

WE WERE HERE : 30 years of AIDS and counting

There have been many stories and accounts of the HIV/AIDS malaise that has roamed across the country. It seems that I can never get enough of these docu-dramas or documentary because each one has a unique sensibility or point of view that offers me a new insight. Such as the case with the upcoming "We Were Here" documentary slated to open in limited release September 9 after being screened at Sundance and other festivals. Perhaps it might get selected for the Hot Springs Documentary Festival later this year. The documentary covers the early years of AIDS, then known as "GRID" among other titles. It covers many of the personal stories of those who have survived since then plus examine the after effects of that era. Much of the story revolves around San Francisco's Castro district which I called home for a couple of years. I was their during the "post clone" era (does anyone remember that look?)  as the enclave began to morph into its present day form of city dwelling. I learned much from that experience, especially the fact that even though some thought of it as "OZ," it wasn't really. I can talk more about that later. In the meantime, enjoy this trailer and understand that those of who have survived will always remember our friends, relatives, partners and those we may never have known. I'm glad to know that I'm still here standing in the gap for all of them because they were here too. Peace.

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