Thursday, January 15, 2009

Onward and Upward

Can you feel it? 4 days and counting till the passage of power. With each days passing, it seems that the whole nation is on hold, anticipating something special to happen. I'm sitting high in the big chair looking from my office window, watching, waiting, and wondering what this historical event will reveal. In the meantime, it is still our mission to keep you informed and updated on local mash ups. So with out further delay, let's get cracking....

Inspirational Music: Jason and deMarco, will showcase their talents this Saturday, 1.17.09 at New Beginnings, 4303 East Drive, North Little Rock. Admission is FREE with a reception following their performance. Their first single "Trying to Get to You" climbed the Billboard Charts and their second single, "This is Love" won "Music Video of the Year 2006" on MTV's LOGO. A remix of "This is Love" produced by DJ Scotty K was released in April of 2007. Currently, a full-length feature documentary film entitled "We're All Angels" is circulating the independent film circuit where it premiered at NewFest 2007: The 19th Annual New York LGBT Film Festival as well as OUTFEST 2007: The 25th Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.I've listened to some of their tunes and they are of a catchy toe tapping sort. So if need a preview of there artistry check it at Then get on over to the church on time for the FREE show!!!

Stimilus Dating Anyone: With the economy sorta doing a belly flop, you may need a small primer on how to still find that special someone on a budget. Of course in the above post I gave you a kicker by letting you know about a FREE, yess FREE concert that you could take a date too for a interesting evening of mixing. But in case you need more, Tamara, a contributor at QueerCents gives you more options and advice. I'm all about stretching those dollars to the max and you should too. Take a gander and learn some her tricks of budget dating not being a cheapskate. You know there is a difference, right? O.K.

Dating on a Budget: The Rules

by Tamara
courtesy of QueerCents

Your financial goals shouldn’t be hampered by your search for your nightly, weekly, yearly, or life long partner. Although I can’t give you any advice on how to find that person worthy of your dating time, I can help you navigate the choppy dating waters with your credit score unscathed. It is a delicate situation because for some reason, people equate the amount of money you spend with the way you feel about them.
So when dating, regardless of the status of the relationship, it is important for the dates to feel like you spent a lot of money or more succinctly that you are not a cheapskate! I sometimes get offended when I am called cheap. I prefer frugal, thrifty or just plain old budget conscious. Cheap derives a feeling of contempt in the dating world.
Would you be offended if your date requested that you order from the kids menu? What if they pulled out coupons? Or what if the person sitting across from you said you had to order from the “daily special” because you get more bang for your buck? Although true to the money consciousness that I personally practice, it is tacky and unacceptable in a new relationship or on “official dates”. Tact will be your biggest ordeal when it comes to dating on a budget.
No worries. There are a few different factors that influence your spending habits: familiarity with one another, the actual date, and if it’s a special occasion. Here are a few guidelines that will make your courtship rituals fiscally successful:
• Rule #1: Plan for your date. Dating is such a personal experience. You should want the activity to represent you or your date’s interest, but you shouldn’t go beyond your means just to impress someone. It is easier to do if you know where the deals and specials are in your city. Think about what activities you would want to do, where you want to go, what day of the week, what time of day, and of course how much does it cost? Be open to new experiences. Even if you have a horrible time you can bond over that very event.
• Rule #2: Just pay cash. Figure out the amount of money you want to spend on a date and take only that amount of cash. If you are anything like me, if you take out emergency money, you will spend the emergency money. Put the credit card away unless your date involves an airplane and a passport. When working for a major credit card company, my pet peeve were those folk who called in on Monday because they couldn’t remember what they spent all that money on over the weekend. Recapping your spending since your last bill sent out 3 weeks ago is undue torture. Don’t put yourself or any unsuspecting call center representative through that. It’s easier to leave a tip, no unsuspecting charges, and you don’t worry about going overboard.
• Rule #3: Use discretion. Bragging about the amount of money you spent or saved on the date is not cool. Unless you know someone really well, money talk can be a big turnoff! The money conversation should be kept between you and your wallet. For instance, if you buy a gift from the dollar store at Valentine’s Day, no matter how great the gift is you don’t tell the person you got it for $1. You wrap it up in gorgeous wrapping or tissue papers and gift bags. It looks like a million dollars and no one ever knows that you could have just as easily gotten a cheeseburger at your local drive thru for the same amount of money. If you are paying, there is no reason to even let your date see the check.
On date day, the main focus should be your date, not your budget. Since that’s out of the way, we can focus on having a great time!

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