Friday, January 23, 2009

COP:24/7 in Slip Stream Mode

What's Slip Stream Mode? It's new fangled verbiage for saying I've got plenty to items to post and I'm not wasting no time on intro chit- chat. Let's shift into gear,right now!....

Center Street Duos: Just for the record, I've been to literally hundreds and I do mean hundreds of bars over my life time thus far. Therefore, I feel credible and in my own mind I guest qualified to review new places of interest in the SGL community. Enter, Six-Ten Center, the latest creation under the NK family umbrella which formally opened 1.14.09 at 610 Center street in downtown Little Rock. I had heard various tidbits and conjecture about what this concept was going to deliver as well as it's impact on the community at large. But all that aside, I always need a first hand experience as my own guide. I didn't attend the opening night purposely, in order to get a better sense of the atmosphere as I might would enjoy it on a week night. In case you haven't had a chance to get their, you should certainly make your way there ASAP. The decor is handsomely modern, featuring cozy nooks for intimate conversation, love seats grouped for mutual partying, and for me personally that all important muted amber lighting that I actually have throughout my own abode. Interior walls are footnoted with accent pieces on warm colored walls adjacent to an antique bar. For your entertainment pleasure, three 42' inch flat screens host a variety of music videos and other rather amusing source material. Need to nibble on something, then try items such as fresh fruit, veggies or olives from the banquet table while sipping on a variety of martinis in some neat martini glasses. My partner and myself was professionally served by Jamie who gave great customer service including a hearty "welcome and please come back!" At this time the bar is a cash only option until further consideration. In case you didn't know, using plastic is only a recent phenom, most bars use to be only cash. So don't sweat it, because an ATM is available for your convenience, however, be mindful of those pesky foreign ATM charges that could cause you more of hangover that you might anticipate. Here's the verdict ladies and gents... Six-Ten is a winner and just in time for more outlets to celebrate June's Gay Pride Week. Congrats, Kudos and High-fives all around to those who had the vision and gravitas to bring it to the community! Salute! Next up: Off Center coming next week!

Be the Change Ball: You know I can't be everywhere, but It would certainly be great if more of the local activities could be more circulated, not to mention advertised across the board. I make a every attempt to get it all, yet I need more boots on the ground to share your events and concerns. I've been to Rev Room for both dining and shows, but somehow missed out on the GLBTQ celebration on Inauguration night featuring impersonators and music by Debbie T. I lead a hetic schedule, so if you were in the place, let us know what was going on and who was who!!

Voices Carrying: I've always encouraged that this space is open for your comments, opinions and observations. I believe that as long as the writer signs their piece, shares it as an open item for posting and it's not defamatory, I'll post it. I got such piece recently that was critical and cited concerns at the sometimes controversal Diamond State Rodeo Association. I say this due the fact that DSRA despite all it's chairitable endeavors and pursuits, it has been plagued with turbelence, musical chair leadership and unfortunately rumor mongering that is not good for any progressive organization. I've reported on the "mutal resignations" of Mr. DSRA 2007, Jon Jon & 2008 Mr. DSRA, R. Loftis. Including asking both men to openly share there side of the story. Jon stated before moving out of state that he had problems with chairitable funding decisions and decided he could no loger be apart of the group. I was further puzzled when we he refused to be present on pageant night to past the title to Loftis, whom later offered no response to my inquiry. I've listened to local business folk who have shared their skepticism of the groups "legal" structure and other manuevers. In full disclosure, I've particpated in fundraising for this group and attended other non DSRA sponsored functions at the clubhouse. As I post this items, I will solicit a response from the organization to help clarify their position. It's unedited and signed by it's composer.

Dear Cornelius,

I and my sweet departed hubby were members at the birth of the Diamond State Rodeo Ass' After 2 years of hard work buildingthe foundation we washed our handsand left in disgust. This club has become nothing but a money hungry free-for-all SEX club. I have attended several events when by the end of the shows the sex party starts. Their boots and boxers party are just one big drug and booze infested orgy. Now don't get me wrong, I'm no prude I LOVE big hairy cowboys. But every "fundraser" I've been to has ended in some if not all joining in a "no condom" "no care"orgy. I have been criticized and shuned for my lack of participation in this "money grabing sham". I can't tell you how disappointed I am that our community is so guided by the all mighty "PENIS" that we can't come together and enjoy a good cause with out prostituting it. Sorry, but I needed to vent on this one.

Ken Jones

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Steve Thomas said...

In regards to Ken's comments on the DSRA becoming a money hungry free-for-all Sex club, let me say this. The DSRA RENTS the space to the Diamond State Bars for these Boots and Boxers partys. If you have a complaint about these functions, perhaps they should be directed to Michael who is in charge of these functions. And, attend a board meeting of the DSRA and let your feelings be known to the Board of Directors. I doubt seriously that EVERY fundraiser you have attended at the DSRA ended up in a "no-condom,no-care orgy. Having attended most fundraisers at the DSRA over the past two and a half years, I have NOT witnessed what you speak of.

The DSRA rents the clubhouse out to various people and organizations which in turn, helps pay the rent and allow our community too have a rodeo every two years.

Yes the DSRA has been plagued with turulence, musical chair leadership over the years. Most is due to the fact that our community would rather bitch and gripe, than climb on-board, join the DSRA, and get involved. I certainly don't agree with the Boards Leadership, however, the small group of active paid members elect these individuals and those seeking or wanting a position on this board are few and far between. Many of those serving on the Board have done so for years, they are burned out. But in order too keep the DSRA alive and kicking these people remain committed.

So I suggest to you Ken, be knowledgeable in your facts, approach the Boards of these organizations ( Does the Diamond State bears have a board ?) If others feel the same as you, take them with you. Get involved and actively join, speak up and out.

Steve Thomas