Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Rising

It's finally here. The dawning of history in the making, as Barack Obama prepares to transition to the 44th President of the United States of America. It happens at noon, today and then the heavy lifting begins it unpredictable four year path. Every where millions of people will be tuned in from television coverage to the Internet. There have been many milestones and markers in my life thus far. Especially involving my love of all things historical and there's no doubt that this moment will rein supreme. Although I'm an optimist, I'm a die heart realist who is always ready and willing to deal with the hard questions, choices and those trusty old facts. Occasionally, I put on my "rose colored" glasses as a gleeful distraction but when it comes to "keeping it real" my expectations of Mr. Obama are filled with hopefulness and respectful consideration for the tremendous task at hand. Are we the American people ready for some basic truths? I'm not sure. Can we stand it when we may have to face the stone cold understanding of what it will take to correct the situation? It's going to be dicey. No matter what goes down, the choice has been made, certified and now the swearing in makes it official. Congratulations to Mr.Obama and family as they settle in for the long haul ensconced in the lenthy and possibly trecheous winding road ahead. The torch has been passed and a new day is upon as all in a Obama rising. I thank the heavens for allowing me to again, witness to yet another historical flashpoint in my life.

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