Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mid Week Spin Cycle & Caravan

The lights are on and I'm back in the big chair knocking out another version of COP:24/7. Yes readers, it continues to roll out in full force. There's so much in the hopper that I want to get this hot copy moving... Here we go!

FEEDJIT Widget: I've been watching the widget. That's the FEEDJIT widget that I added to this site in order to gauge my online traffic. It's a live feed that not only myself, but you too reader can check out who's staying on point with COP:24/7 and where they are arriving from. From best I can tell, we are getting hits from a variety of places and even some international destinations to boot. I added this tool to demonstrate that our appeal is broad based and far reaching. Also you can jump in as a "blog follower" using our handy "follow this blog" icon and get instant updates courtesy of the Feed Blitz subscription service which will let you know the minute that I throw it down here. These are great additions and there are more to come including the Chip In widget, video channels from YouTube and podcast from Evoca. As I ramp up our interactivity with you in mind I'm also open to other gizmos that you might suggest. But all these gadgets don't work if you don't use them! So on your next visit, do a widget to let me know that you want to stay in the loop!

CAR Notes: Saturday, March 7, 2009, the Center for Artistic Revolution, CAR will present the 5th Annual Corazón Mexican Dinner and Silent Art Auction. This is CAR's signature event and annual fundraiser. They need your help to make it a big success and I suggest that you clear your calender and get a ticket! The signature centerpiece of this event are Wooden hearts that are distributed to artists, school children, community activists, CAR members, and anyone else who would like to participate. If you are interested in donating your talents, they will supply you with the heart, hanging device, and necessary paperwork to get you started. Contact CAR at or 501-244-9690. Then it's your turn, you can paint it, burn it, mosaic it, collage it, what ever you're medium. You can turn it upside down, add things to it or around it, we just need to see the shape when you are done. Add the provided hanging device and drop it off at the CAR office. Deadline for completed work to be back at the CAR office is March 2, 2009. If you've got suggestions for my "heart" then drop me a comment to share! Once the idea has been chosen, we'll announce it hear first, of course!!!

Block Newby: I'm always glad to see more info additions to the community whether they be in cyberspace or hard copy. I read over the new Activities on the Block newsletter which is the in-house media for the new venues, Six-Ten Center and Off Center respectively. It's a tabloid size effort that highlighted the opening of the bars with a tribute to the late Buddy Habig and supportive advertisement for the new ventures. As with most of these type of publications, they are designed to promote specials, upcoming events and other pertinent "in-house" news. According to it's masthead, Tonya Bruce is at the helm and will be doing this community service monthly. She will be accepting ads and article submission by phone at 501.680.3865 or by e-blast, Hey you guys, welcome to covering the community and kudos to ya! Give me a shout out soon, maybe we have something to talk about!

Coming this Friday, I will review Off Center, the 2nd venue in the new 7th street entertainment corridor. You know you want to know what I discovered. So get locked in on this Friday!

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