Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hey, is this thing on!!

It's swirling, ebbing, flowing and churning like a massive star burst just over the horizon. What you say? It's Inaugural Fever 2009. You can't avoid it because it's sweeping the landscape, ultimately culminating in wall to wall televised coverage this weekend. The whole event is being showcased as if there was nothing else happening on the planet or elsewhere in the cosmos. But, we know better, especially after the pomp and circumstance of January 20, I will still be here throwing down the latest news, commentary, links, videos, podcast and everything over the rainbow. Stay locked in and we unload the goods on what's really going on!

Keeping it Fresh: Pssst! Have you noticed we've shredded some skin and put on a new coat? Don't tell me you didn't notice! Yes, we've slipped into our first phase of a fresh look for 09. And there's more to come, just you wait! In our right margin we added our Live Traffic Feed which reveals who staying on point. I've been bemused at how readers are clicking in and checking out our site. Believe it or not, we've had hits ranging from the country of Kuwait to stateside Macedonia, Illinois. Also we've added our followers widget where you can show your support plus get e-mail updates via Feedblitz. It won't stop there, as I keep kicking it into high gear for the new year. Don't' forget our mantra for this year, "Opening our minds in 09!"

Board Approaches: I was pleasantly surprised to have been considered and nominated to the Board of Directors of the National Association of Black and White Men Together, Inc. According to Co-Chair Mr. Norbet Young, the nomination will be discussed later this week during a national teleconference. The organization comprises of various chapters from around the nation which addresses the issues of racism, homophobia, and cultural distinctions from a interracial viewpoint. I was introduced to the group some 20 years ago after attending meetings in Memphis and later living with the groups founder the late Michael Smith in San Francisco. Last year I gave daily updates from the national convention held in St.Louis where I rediscovered the mission of the group and the challenges facing it's existence. Philadelphia will host this years convention July 29-August 1, 2009, heralding the theme," A Blue Print for Change." Little Rock had an emerging chapter which faltered, however, conversations surrounding a resurgence are in early stages of formation as well as possibly a group traveling to the national. If you are interested, give us a shout out for more info via our comment section. Need more on NABWMT? click it to

Crown News: Mary Kay Arden will be crown Miss DSRA 2009, Saturday 1.17.08 in conjunction with big Alternative Night birthday bash for Mycha featuring DJ Moon God. Arden has been a long time member as well as supporter of the organization. Each time I've been apart of their show cast, he's always been apart of the welcoming waggon. Congrats to MKA on this distinction and on future endeavors. Doors open at 8 p.m. with super beverage prices in effect and I know a blast of show around 9:30 p.m. or queen time. Start off your inaugural weekend off with celebrating this local transition of power. Don't meet me their, beat me their! Get more at Gear up for Rodeo in Rock 09, April 17 -19, 2009 !!!

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