Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another Day, Another Point to Point

Next Tuesday, January 20, 2009 is "O" Day in the United States, that's "O" for Obama the 44Th President of United States. The stakes are high, anticipation soaring and the world is watching this new transition of power. All the energy that surrounds this impending historical event certainly has struck a tone with the nation as well as this forum. I'm hyped with the possibilities but with that ever present cautious current that I always keep in my hip pocket as a reality check. It's countdown to Administration Obama but in the meantime I will keep updating you on the latest news, links, commentaries, products and web interactivity. Let's step off..

Bar Watch: Speaking of count downs, January 14 is targeted date of the new 7Th street corridor venues, now officially known as Left of Center( formerly Easy Street Piano Bar) and 614 Center. I'm not sure who christened these new haunts, but as they say "what's in a name anyway." Even though all this is going on, my Buzz meter is not turning flips and to my surprise, some that I've mentioned this opening to have expressed a rather lazzie farie attitude about the whole effort. Others have a wait and see position, wrapped in a rather mundane mindset that makes me wonder where's the energy in this town that's not artificially enhanced. Yes, I keep hearing that Little Rock is boring, well perhaps some of you may need to look at the person the mirror. As a side note, I was quietly approached by a visitor from Cap Cod, Massachusetts whom said that he had found it difficult to talk to people since he's been in town. He stated that many have been rather aloof and at least one individual actually walked away from him in mid- conversation. He wanted to know was everybody like this? What's really going on? Well, I assured him that speaking for myself, No. I've always tried to be open and accessible to most, especially visitors since they return home and share their experience with others. However, I was frank when I told him that unfortunately my perspective is not locally pervasive. I wished him well on his visit and I hope too see him again before he leaves town. Lesson learned: Siimply, It don't cost you nothing to smile and say hello. Enough said.

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