Thursday, January 01, 2009

Daybreak 2009: The Resolutions

Welcome to 2009. It's daybreak and another 365 days are ready to roll through our lives. Are you ready. I sure hope so, because it's going on with or without you no matter how you accept it. I ended 2008 in a fast paced manner, and I believe that in 2009 the pace will continue to quicken as I've made a commitment to not waste time on issues or people whom are caught up in going nowhere fast. It's daybreak in my life and I'm pursuing my break through for 2009. How about you? To get started I've posted my annual New Year's resolutions to chart my progress. If you have resolutions, feel free to share them, I'd love to hear them! If not, why not! We are open for business and looking forward too more interactivity, opinions, commentaries on this forum.

The Power of TEN: TEN. That awesome number that has become somewhat of an icon unto itself especially within the lexicon of pop culture society. How could we forget the allusive Bo Derek who will always be remembered as a "10." Then there's late night stalwart, David Letterman who has firmly secured his place on the planet with his Top Ten list, and now, President Elect Barack Obama has maximized the power of Ten into the stratosphere of multiplication history. What can top all of this? Well of course it's my own power of TEN New Year's resolutions for 2009. It's always on my must do list every year and why would this year be any different. I'm sure that each of you are wringing your hands over what year 2009 will bring and how you will execute it. As the months tick away, I usually try to start thinking about all this resolute stuff kinda early. Just so I'll have plenty of time to change mind, especially if I believe that it might get the best of me to pursue. Anyway, as NYE 08, here's my list to date. Once you've got your list together, let's compare. I'd love to hear from you!!! Until then, Happy New Year!!!

1. I plan to enhance my time management skills.
2. I will learn more about sustainable living including trying to grow organically.
3. I will make a conscious effort to make new friendships.
4. I plan to continue reassessing my financial aptitude as well as attitude.
5. Try to find more solace and zen like thoughts to combat stressful situations.
6. I plan to discover more outreach methods for COP:24/7 within my audience.
7. Take more chances and engage in being more spontaneous in life.
8 Say "I love you," to those who I really care about and don't hear it enough from me.
9. Demand of myself to get at least 20 minute of work out each day in some way.
10. Get ready for an exciting 2009 and composing my next year's list!!

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twncarlvr said...

Congratulations. It's so hard for me to even think about making a list. How should I start. Should I say I make a New Years Resolution to be receptive to those who may want to be a part of my life, and take the risk of getting hurt 'cause I'm looking for something they can't give? If I can be of any help to those who are in my shoes and have suffered a large loss in 2008 I would like to say that my resolution or wish for me is. That I will continue to heal. I will continue to be receptive to His still small voice that wispers in my ear or speaks to me when I'm resting or asleep. That I will be wise when I make decisions this year. That I will continue to encourage people instead of discourage people. That I will focus on the positive and not the negative, because believe me there is a lot of negative shit out there. I pray that your 2009 will be good 'cause I sure hope that mine will be. Thanks again for being that voice that we need to hear.