Thursday, January 29, 2009

Voices Carry, Part 2

I don't know about you but doesn't it seem like everything old is new again. Or is that some stuff just won't go away. Such as O.J. Simpson, everything Paris Hilton, and those loveable 50's TV shows such as Lucy, Beaver and Hillbillies that just keep running no matter what! Anyhow, with all that said. This forum is not going away anytime soon, but I will keep it banging it out as Arkansas' only daily updating GLBTQI outlet. We are here, when all the others are just getting their second wind. I'm ready to give it to you, so come get it...

OH TED!: Speaking of folks who I thought would fade in obscurity and simply leave us all along is Mr. Ted Haggard. He's back and is a blaze of mea culpas complete with a documentary no less decrying his turbulent life. I don't know whether to do a OMG slap or just shake my head at this train wreck of a life that keeps playing out for our excruciating viewing. Just in case you forgot and God knows we've tried, Haggard was the premo-ultra connected pastor of a Colorado mega-church where he praise God and condemn gays to burn in the fiery bowels of hell. You know the drill, Bible verse and chapter of this guy who preached to some 10,000 folks before they found out he had feet of clay and a two faces to go with it. It's call a busted Hypocrite who had to admit that he didn't admit to an admitted "encounter" with a boy trick while hitting a few whiffs of illicit drugs for affect. Did you get all that? Well there's more if we really care and obviously I must because it made the cut for this posting as well as Lady Oprah's show, Larry King and that film thingy on tonight on HBO. Haggard said in one interview when asked if he owed the GLBTQ community an apology, he couldn't apologize enough about all that "blah blah" anti gay stuff he espoused. I watched his face as he said that he thought that not everyone in his flock or flock of bible thumping friends would abandon him, not to mention that negotiated exile from the whole state that imposed on him and his family. Oh those dastardly evangelicals who he thought was his family. His whole bowed head/ Greek tragedy story bringing him back into the spot light is almost too much. He goes on to admit yet another misguided encounter with a former questioning convert, says that his therapist said he was actually "heterosexual with homosexual attachments." Say What? Meanwhile, Mrs.Gayle Haggard is standing by her man lock, stock and soon to be life insurance company that they are s launching to make ends meet. I suspect most likely she didn't call the former Mrs. McGreevy or get the book about her falandering husband who became a Gay American in a blink of an eye once the jig was up as New Jersey's Governor. You know some how even with my skeptical and acerbic take on this penny opera, I would love to just take old Ted out for beer sometimes. Alright, Haggard, if you want to continue this sexual identity parlor game, doing a Down Low or whatever you want to call it, then so be it. If you ever want to talk, feel free to give me a ring. I've included a video clip from a review in the LA Times, but I'm going to see this documentary just in case Ted go aheads an give me a ringy-dingy!

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