Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A New Day Wednesday

It's a cold, bright sunny day in Little Rock, Arkansas. A peaceful transition of power has happened flawlessly and here we all are taking a deep breath from yesterday's history making events. Just like the rest of world, I too paused to grasp the magnitude of that Mid-day political shift that was demanded from the people of this democratic republic. Although the pomp and circumstance has now all but faded, it's on to the the serious business of navigating where we go from here as well as our personal responsibility in that journey. I'm ready. Are you? In the meantime, I'm keeping it fresh, funky and of course, staying on point!

Legislature in the House: With all the high brow D.C. political goings on, locally I must remind everyone that the 87th Arkansas Legislature is in session and doing business that you should be aware of. To keep tabs on that body and what they may or may not be up to, check out their nifty website at Also for additional info you should try accessing, which is a mainline portal to many services and source material.

Stonewallers Meet: Arkansas' Stonewall Democratic Caucus will be kicking off 2009 with elections this Thursday, 6 p.m. at the Democratic HQ with a slate of candidates looking to join the national momentum. The group is also seeking new members during it's membership drive. Dues are $35, and for your convenience payable on their website( or at the meeting. Here's the proposed nominees for your consideration.

Joe LaFountaine, President
Sarah Scanlon, Vice President
Jada Walker, Political Vice President
Heather Miles, Treasurer
Sam Castleberry, Secretary

Jovan Haynes, Chair of Membership and Diversity Enhancement Committee
Lee Lee Doyle, Chair of Straight Outreach and Party Outreach Committee
Lynn Smith, Chair of Fundraising and Events Committee
Dana Collins, Co-Chair of Northwest Arkansas Outreach Committee

Casey Willits, Co-Chair of Northwest Arkansas Outreach Committee

NABWMT Calleth: Last week I mentioned that the National Association of Black & White Men Together had inquired if I would be interested in being nominated for it's board of directors. I'm happy to announce that I will be joining the board of this organization and serving on one it's various committees. Our first national 2009 meeting will be held in Chicago in April with the national convention in Philadelphia later this year. I find this new challenge certainly an adventure as well as a privilege to continue full filling my mission to continue to try to make a difference in the world. I did daily blogs from last years convention in St. Louis and was awarded a Personal Achievement recognition in 1983. Look forward to getting highlights and educated on the efforts of this group, plus updates on possible local movements. If you have imput feel free to share it with me, I love hearing from all of you and I mean all of you from Austin to Benton. I know you are out their and I appreciate your readership!

Coming this Friday...They are open, the new Six-Ten Center and Left of Center bars in downtown. I've been checking them out and I'll give you the skinny on what's really going on!

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