Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rainbow Horizons

Is this month slowly slip sliding away? I should say so as we prepare for old man winter to rock and roll his way through the next few months until spring burst forth around April. Actually I"m one who loves the cold weather months which allows me to be a layering fashionista extraordinaire! Talk about slave to fashion! However, no matter how you are dressing yourself for these winter months, it's always quite toasty here inside COP:24/7, with breaking news, updates, links, commentary, video, and podcast. Whew, how do I do it? Because it's community service that someone has too! Let's go get em....

Lavender Lifetime: I don't how many of you watched the docudrama, "Prayers for Bobby" starring Golden Globe Winner and Academy Award nominee Sigourney Weaver, but you had ample time slots to check it out and believe it or not you still can. Instead of a bar crawl, I tuned in the flat screen for a heart warming and honest film based on the book by Leroy Aarons dealing with the coming out issues and it's impact on the Griffith family. This real life situation involved central characters, matriarch Mary Griffith and her son Bobby whom dwell in a seemingly stifling devout religious family structure. I decided not to read any press material or synopsis' as to allow myself to let the story draw me to it's message and themes. I wasn't disappointed on any level and as I expected, Ms. Weaver gave a solid portrayal of Mary that not only demonstrates her mastery of the acting craft but showed Mary's complexity in the face of her despair. Eventually Mary relents on her stance with an epiphany when she states "I knew Bobby was different from conception." It's a hanky story turn moment where Weaver eats up some scenery. New face Ryan Kelley as Bobby aptly handled the role giving me a sense that I had seen this character or even met a "Bobby" somewhere in my lifetime. Kelley's eyes captured the character's vulnerability and emotional state which made me care about what was happening not only within his life, but countless others across Arkansas and the nation. Lifetime is a known for it's sappy movies but every now and then you get one that you are glad you spent time watching. Speaking of watching you can still catch this flick courtesy of lifetime's website. Here's a direct link that I wanted to share with readers. Do it today and then pass it on. http://www.mylifetime.com/on-tv/full-movies/prayers-for-bobby-coming-this-wed/video/6622754001

Gay Pride Week 09: Did you know that the 09 Pride event sponsored by LRCP is Sunday, June 7, 2009? Well, it seems that that message is getting lost in translation. Especially as time continues to whiz by us all. Here's a ZipDrive update of what we know so far.

(1) In 2008 there were a couple of fundraisers at Jester's in Hot Springs and Club Good Times. How much was raised to add to what in the all important event budget? Unknown.

(2)Elections were held at the Central Arkansas Library, 11.16.08 with slate of officers choosen. Ari was elected President.

(3) There's a website, http://www.littlerockcapitalpride.org/, a Pride Hotline, 501.476.1375 and a "My Space" page at www.myspace.com/lrcapitalpride.

Yet with all this mash up, there's very little to no current who, what, when, or where about anything Pride related. Now, let's not be miffed at the messager because I've gotten inquries about what's up with the event. So, all I can report is the fact that apparently the lights seem to be on, but it seems that no one's home? There you have it. In the meantime, I'll keep the lights on here. Stay tuned...

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