Monday, January 12, 2009

A Monday Up Periscope

A ti skit, a task it another Trillion in the basket! Wait just a damn moment. A whopping 53 Trillion? Yeah that's the latest number count that's being bandied about those folks who are in the money know. And guess what it's growing!!! I was totally bold over by the documentary, "IOUSA," presented Sunday on CNN. It was an eyeopening and sickening slap in the face about our monetary polices and lack of stewardship of these precious resources. According to the film, my part and your part of this mounting deficit is about $175,000.00 each. Say what? How did I as an individual run this kind of tab, when I've been watching all the Benjamin's that pass through my hands. Did I authorized some of those pork projects, lack of oversight, war efforts or mindless spending? What the hell? If you missed the film, I can't encourage you enough to see it, then realize that this country has had a long running affair with tomfoolery using the public purse. There were so many stand out facts that I can't even began to mention them here, but the pit of my stomach did a flip as it outlined how the social security trust fund has been used as cushion as well as a "catch all" when another cash infusion was needed. Ultimately, the main deficit that we really have had had been in "leadership." Who was minding the store? It's apparent that it was Mrs. Wink and Mr. Nod at best and we the American people have been busy with our lives when we thought we had Reps with our best intrest at hand. NOT! It's less than two weeks til the passing of the torch, the transition of power, and another commander and chief takes the helm. Yes, Mr. Obama cometh, but what a mess the bouncing "O" will have when he reaches the Oval office not to mention future generations to come. Please if you have any time on your hand, take a look at the 30 minute embedded version from If this land is your land and my land, then let's get a hand on what's really going on with the cash!

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