Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Twista Tuesday: Arkansas Style

Since topping the 500 mark last month, I've been wondering just how much more or should I say what more can I do with this forum. I know that it's serving some purpose, due to the fact that many of you share your concerns with me personally, a few through your online comments and direct e-mails. With each days production, I can't help but speculate, are we reaching our target audience? The items that make the cut are they pertinent and interesting to our readership? Are we missing the boat in some way that I hadn't thought about or considered? Oh Hell, I've written over 75,000 words and has it made a damn bit of difference to anybody or stirred anyone to action! The answer: perhaps or not. Anyway, with that passing reflective moment in the rear mirror, I sojourn on from the Big Chair, bringing you our special brand of news, updates, links, commentary and items from both over and under the rainbow. It's a Twista Tuesday: Arkansas Style...

Red Light Arkies: There's always so many reports or list of "this or that" totuing some new factoids or assessment from some numerber wonk or policy pontificator. Now comes the news that Arkansas has been officially become a Red Light State. A Red Light what, you ask? Yes, it seems that not only does many of this states citizens do red politically, it's been deemed that theyre peeking and poking around many porno sites 24/7. Arkansas ranks, No. 6 in pornograhic sites being accessed from within our borders. Whew, now we know where all the bar folks are, as well as, some of those possible prospects for the lovelorned! According to a study by the Harvard Business School found eight out of 10 states that consume the most online porn were states McCain won in the 2008 presidential election. The study further details that, Utah ranks as the number one consumer of online adult entertainment. Another factoid that I found quite intersting was the fact that "residents of 27 states that passed laws banning gay marriages boasted 11% more porn subcribers than states that don't explicitly restrict gay marriage." Arkansas passed such a ban a few years ago as well as the ill conceived ACT 1 recently. Sounds like to me there's a bit of hypocrisy, sexual repression and apparently a lot of dollars being spent from those in the rural and urban areas. And I mean some serious Dollars, to the tune of 2.84 billion from the internet alone as reported from 2006 porn industry figures. I'm no prude and as far as I'm concerned it's your dime to do with as you please. This site also host a click through to our online partner CD Universe which provides adult materials for those so inclined. I've highlighted certain products and titles with the basic intent of providing information after being prompted by readers and as a revenue stream to support this effort. Hey, if you can't beat em, well... Stay safe, informed, entertained and Onpoint!

Pornography Time Statistics

Every second - $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography

Every second - 28,258 Internet users are viewing pornography

Every second - 372 Internet users are typing adult search terms into search engines

Every 39 minutes: a new pornographic video is being created in the United S

(info sourced from ToptenReviews.com)

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