Wednesday, July 22, 2009

And the Beat goes on in a Mid Week drive

Of course you don't know it, but I've been burning the candles at both ends this week. Why, you ask? Thanks for asking. I wanted to finish out the week in advance of my impending travel to the 29th NABWMT National Convention in Philadelphia. If you recall, I blogged daily from last year's site, Saint Louis, but I'm seeking a new angle for this year. In the meantime, I push onward and upward to keep bringing it to you, you and yes mam, you too! So without delay, let's get down to it!

ARCPG Announces: Kevin Dedner, Section Chief of the Arkansas Department of Health has announced that Liz Gates has joined ADH as the new HIV Prevention Program Manager. Liz is an attorney and will have her Masters in Public Health in December of this year. Her research focus has consistently been on various aspects of the legal and public health ramifications of HIV/AIDS. He further states in his e-blast that Liz will be taking on the ARCPG management duties previously handled by Willie Rhodes. This change has been made to allow Willie to fill the much needed position of MSM Outreach Coordinator. Dedner concludes, I am pleased that Willie has agreed to take on this position and the important challenge of contacting, networking with and coordination prevention for the MSM community in Arkansas. Congrats to Ms. Gates and Mr. Rhodes on these new positions. Yet, as this news arrives, there still seems to confusion swirling about on services, funding and access. Maybe with this new configuration, perhaps any and all matters can be addressed in the name of client centered care.

HIV/AIDS Strategy: With health care reform in a firestorm of debate juxtaposed to this Saturday's HIV/ AIGDS luncheon sponsored by the LRBP, statistics showing that blacks and men who have sex with men are disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS and the impact of the virus on Washington, D.C., residents "should shock the conscience -- and spur action," a Washington Post editorial states. "The national strategy being crafted for the president must include efforts to destigmatize the disease and to get people tested and into treatment," and "HIV testing must become a routine part of medical care (akin to testing for diabetes, for instance)," the Post writes. "But none of this will work if all people from all ages and backgrounds don't know or refuse to learn their HIV status," the editorial adds. The editorial says that the national strategy expected to be developed within the next year by Jeffery Crowley, director of the Office of National AIDS Policy, is "long overdue and desperately needed." For more info on this weekends events and how you can get the hook up contact: Tell em that you saw it and heard about it here first!
Chip In NOW: Finally I've loaded the ChipIn Icon on this forum in response to early fundrasing for the 2010 Pride Picnic. The momentum of this year's success shouldn't wait until a few days out from the event, but with proper planning, this event can meet further needs and expectations of attendees. The ChipIn icon is a secured gadget using the Paypal platform with total transparency via the online scale. The funds raised from this effort through this forum will directly benefit the outcomes of the event. It was our pleasure to step to the plate and offer our support in a group pursuit as we celebrated "Unity in Community 2009!." All donations are welcomed including in-kind, products, sponsorhips and volunteering opportunities. Well, what are you waiting for! Hit the ChipIn Icon TODAY and show some Pride for 2010!!!

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