Friday, July 10, 2009

Free Falling Friday

What a week it's been as the world continued to turn, churn and upchuck all around us. It's those daily doses of can life get more stranger or how many more bites from the "reality apple," can one take seems to become almost unbearable. However, no matter how weird, wacky or wondrous the news comes, our consumption is never ending and hopefully this forum will continue to fill your wet appetite for what's really going on in LGBTQ circles and beyond. This outing we are in a free fall...are your ready to take the dive with us. Let's go for it...

FED Up! 101: I've heard from a blessed few of you concerning my FED Up post in which I spoke about my own frustrations and "it's complicated" life situations that have personally stirred me. Let's face it, we all have them individually as well as collectively as life would have it so. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the meet and greet that was scheduled by the FUQ group in Mac Arthur park earlier this week. It's obvious that there's one of me and many of you having events, meetings, soirees, benefit shows and mash up's that I just always can't put my face in the place. Yet, as time allows and distilled info comes my way, I make every attempt to put it out there for contemplation, more dialogue and certainly clarification. Therefore, I was puzzled that at least as of post time, I didn't see an update on their website on the results of the meeting or possible resolutions. Also, there's been a lack of chatter that I had anticipated or those all important opinions that get bounced around. So, where is all this going? I'll have to get back to you. We're still checking....

Whitney Rises: What can you say, you just can't keep a good diva down. No sireee, it's just not to be and the rewind, re-launch or re-what have you of Whitney Houston is just over the horizon. Even as the MJJ after burn continues to dominate the talk machinery, Houston's 7th studio album on Arista, "I Look to YOU", is slated to drop September 1 and COP:24/7 is dropping her first single, "I didn't know my own Strength." Ms. H. and her producers are coming out the gate in slow motion with Whitney balladeering her way back to the spotlight. It's reminiscence of her early work, "Run to you," or "I have nothing," but I don't feel the burn of those early show stopping numbers in this outing. Yes, I like it, plus the more I personally listen to it, it grows on me. Perhaps Whitney is giving off lowered expectations as a smoke screen then hits us from the blind side with what we've come to expect from this songstress. In the meantime, check it out, let me know what you think. I have no doubt that this one will be the next "crown" number if the boys can learn it in time. To keep our "swag" funky fresh, this widget will be added to our onpoint sidebar to show case our future choices.

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