Thursday, July 02, 2009

Talking Out Loud Thursday

Did you sense it? Do you remember that this "thing that I do" was upon our own milestone? Well, did ya? O.K. at least one of you sent me a nice "kudos" on the fact that this forum has, strike the band...TA DA! Surpassed the 500 post mark. That's right readers, this little exercise has over 500 postings encompassing about some 100,000 words, verbiage, tirades, commentaries, back talk, BS and our damnest attempts to educate, empower and enrichment the GLBTQ community and beyond. It's COP:24/7 in full affect, meanwhile taking no prisoners while we "stay on point" as we keep it real about what's really going on! After all, we are the only daily online portal for Arkansas' rainbow family and allies. And now after that shameless plugging, let's roll..

Capital Pride Re-Tool: It's no secret that this forum has no problem with asking the hard questions or musing about the internal workings of organizations with assumptions of serving the community at large. Therefore, I was somewhat bemused with an announcement from Little Rock Capital Pride concerning it's apparent "re-tooling," as it's searches for candidates for it's non-functioning board. Previously, I've posted concerns and observations about not only this group, but any of these community mash ups that proposes to be some type of working apparatus. Just to refresh your memory, this is the organization that promoted itself with putting together this year's Pride event, which subsequently was cancelled due to what they cited as "circumstances." To date, this outfit has sidestepped just exactly what those circumstances were, but from those former board members that I've spoken to whom stated that first problem was not sufficient cash flow for what was being possibly or remotely being planned. Despite a few funders, which netted a speculated $1000.00 or so dollars just wouldn't produce the event. Furthermore, I was told that there was lack of synergy among board members and most notably President Chagoya. Now, comes this posting on their website about elections for "seven" positions including the VP spot but which I hope includes the Presidency. In my opinion this group can't continue to operate in a leadership vacuum based on the "Three Faces of Eve" concept. If this group really intends to be a player for 2010 as well taken seriously, then I suggest that they re-vamp, re-tool and get busy doing it with a quickness. If not, then step aside and shuttered it's existence. It's just that simple. I'm reprinting that post, as I urge that only those qualified, committed and prepared individuals seek a position. In other words, if you are not up to the task, then don't pretend to be so. In the meantime, this forum will continue our efforts in promoting the momentum behind the successful Pride Picnic held June 21 in which we celebrated "unity in community," with a colorful mix of supporters as well as allies. As we set eyes on Pride 2010, it' not a "us" against "them" matter, but rather a "Yes We Can," approach that can and will make the difference.

Here's the post: (unedited)

We are now accepting applications for those interested in joining the Board of Directors for Little Rock Capital Pride. We have 7 open position including that of Vice President. If you are interested in joining and helping out please understand the following:
1. Your term of service if for 2 years. Starting August 2009 ending July 2011.
2. You will be helping to plan the 2010 and 2011 Pride events in Little Rock.
3. This is as fun and as exciting as you make it.
4. You are in on the planning and can influence how pride will look for the next 2 years.
So if you want to join please send a resume or letter introducing yourself to:
Ari Chagoya, President.
The email needs to be sent by July 24th. Elections will be held the last Sunday in July with time and place to be announced.

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