Wednesday, July 29, 2009

On the Road in Midweek

I hit the ground running here in Philly this week and it's been non-stop. In case you've never attended a national convention and I hope that you have, there's a definitely a pace that you must adhere to. There are workshops, guest speakers, meetings, side meetings, interviews and materials to consume in the meantime. Yes my readers, you also have time to work in some down time for that all important rest and relaxation. Furthermore, if you are visiting a new city, then it's imperative that you check out the local color and I've made time to do just that. I'm doing America's first capitol and not missing a beat! Let's go deep...

Mandy in the House: Firebrand activist, Mandy Carter addressed the delegates during Wednesday's Co-Chairs luncheon. She delivered a message filled with detailed information tendered with her passionate plea for NABWMT as well as other national organizations to review their approaches to all issues. "At this time we must consider whether our view is about "Justice or Just US," came the rally cry from Carter. "Our issues should be expanding such as health care policies. I'm a Black Lesbian without health care. Where are we on these issues ?" Carter affectionately chided NABWMT about it's long standing moniker and the perception of it's continue use. However, she affirmed that the mission of the organization was necessary in this issue oriented climate especially in lieu of the publicly debated Gates Affair. She also asked for the organizations attention to a 2011 celebration of Bayard Rustins life highlighting his often overlooked contribution to the civil right march on Washington. Also, direct input on the newly formed NAACP LGBT Equality Task Force unveiled at it's national Centennial Convention in New York City. Carter is affiliated with the National Black Justice Coalition. I had heard Ms. Carter speak at least once before and she never fails to keep it real as well as bring all the issues to the table. As a lifetime member Carter has been a supportive force for NABWMT and was recipient of a 2004 Lifetime achievement award.

A Empty House: Even though I'm out of sight, trust me I'm only a few clicks away from always staying on point about what or what's not going on in Little Rock. I was dishearted yet somewhat not surprised by a follow up e-blast from a reader concerning the Christmas in July benefit held 7.25.09 at UBU. Even though there are many benefits that are planned during the year, it's important to know that these events are funding sources for the local ASO, which utilizes proceeds to assist clients and end users. Those involved are volunteer talent and coordinators whom continue to make the sacrifice to keep the issues surrounding HIV/AIDS current. Unfortunately, their efforts are not always met with a hearty response and such was the case according to this audience member, HIV/ AIDS survivor and ardent supporter. Even though I basically agree with his observations, I must also ponder a few other items such as, "where was the rest of the Arkansas AIDS Foundation Board of Directors?," if it was possible, where were the "clients" and end users whom benefit from the funds providing these services? ," are those scheduled entertainers aspiring to be "symbols of excellence?" Should we consider, "is Little Rock's GLBTQ community suffering from "Benefit Fatigue?," and finally in lieu of other failed benefits we must not forget one of my working proverbs, "prior proper planning prevents piss poor performance." A big shout out, high five and heartfelt THANKS to Cherity, Diamond Rose and Marvella for demonstrating what true "symbols of excellence," are suppose to be all about. I'm sure that there's probably more to come about this whole affair and of course, I'll be the first to let you know...stay tuned.

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btc1959 said...

Thanks for being the VOICE that we so need in our community. It was disappointing yes, but we as a community can get another chance. There is a Babes in Toyland benefit at DSRA on 8-8-09 (9:00), Winter Wonderland benefit on 9-12-09 at Jesters in Hot Springs (11:00) and our annual Thanksgiving Holiday Show at BackStreet on 10-4-09 (11:00). Each of these are for the AAF and monies will benefit the Holiday Dinner Party that is put on for the clients of the AAF. I hope our Cornelius OnPoint moderator can bring her alter eago to be in our shows.