Wednesday, July 01, 2009

RED, WHITE, BLUE and Rainbow U

On the heels of Pride comes more pride as we prepare to celebrate the long 4th of July weekend. It's that chest busting, head held high, attention saluting commemeration of this nations declaration of independence some 200 years ago. Even as those preparations are in full swing, there's still updates, breaking news, and at least one kitchen sink to report about in this forum. Therefore, prior to the sparklers and other fireworks, let's get firecracking!!!

Jackson A Go-Go: You can't say that you've not heard almost every little tidbit or tawdry fact, fiction or foolishness about the life and death of iconic entertainer Micheal Jackson. My condolences are with his entire family in this time of bereavement, however, this tribute funeral is rivaling that of President Lincoln which went on a 180 city, seven state, 1,654 mile trek before his internment in Illinois. It now appears that the final prep is being decided in L.A. to send MJ into the afterlife befitting of pop royalty. Meanwhile, MJ's big tent of complex deals, constructs, mash-ups and just plain on mayhem will continue even after the final good-bye. Especially from the talking media heads who are living and breathing every nuanced quip, dip or unscripted word about Jackson. Every so tipping through the glass house without seen as exploiting his legacy. It's all so surreal that you would think that Jackson was the head of state or something. Well, I guess he was the monarch of Neverland and personally I believe that this is where he should reign in burial, so that those inclined can make this there ultimate yearly, monthly or daily pilgrimage. At this time, It's all becoming just a bit much for myself and I'm ready and most likely many of you are ready to turn the page.

Movie Night Out: West Little Rock restaurant Lilly's Dim Sum, Then Some is hosting a movie night in support of local art house Market Street Cinema, July 5 at 4 pm. According to an e-blast the film "Performance" is supposedly being screened however, this film is not listed as currently running their, therefore, I'm assuming that perhaps organizers are leasing a theater for the presentation. I've seen several films at MSC and have always enjoyed my retreat into the darkness of a movie house. Also, Market Street offers adult beverages in the concession stand, sells tickets in advance and offers many quirky films that you just can't see in other theatres around town. It's a cash only house, but has one of those ATM machines in the lobby. In the meantime, if we can get a clarification, then it will be posted here or call the theatre at 501.312.8900 and tell em you heard it here!

BLK Pride & HIV: The second Annual Awareness Luncheon in conjunction with Black Pride Weekend will be held Saturday, July 25, 2009 at Theresa Hoover HMC, 4000 13th street, 11-3pm. There will be HIV testing and complimentary food and beverage. This is sponsored by IFBP (International Federation of Black Prides), Arkansas Department of Health, C.A.R., JCCSI, Theresa Hoover U.M.C. and an entity that's new to me, the Arkansas Black AIDS Foundation. For more info contact: Desmond at 501-529-1538 or Stanley at 501-398-0307 This forum will continue to highlight all activities from this "Open to all" event!

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