Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Queer Frontier & Windmills 2.0.

Here we are, mid-week in the midst of moving on and upwards from another a marker in our personal lives and histories. Overwhelmed as we all perhaps have been from the passing weeks' grief moments, ultimately life must go on. On we shall go with the latest updates, breaking news, commentaries, links, people and just plain ole stuff. Let's go for it...

Researchers from Oregon State University's Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute (VGTI) Florida and the University of Montreal say they have discovered a potential way to eradicate HIV by suppressing viral replication and stopping the division of certain T-cells in the body, according to a study published on Sunday online in the journal Nature Medicine, the Treasure Coast reports (Copsey, Treasure Coast, 6/21). Lead researcher Rafick-Pierre S kaly, scientific director for VGTI Florida and a professor at the University of Montreal, and colleagues say that a new therapy that combines traditional antiretroviral treatment with what they call "intelligent targeted chemotherapy," might completely destroy "HIV reservoirs," where the virus hides inside immune system cells and cannot be reached by existing treatments.
Co-author Jean-Pierre Routy, associate professor of hematology at McGill University in Montreal, said that if a patient responds to traditional antiretroviral therapy, then they would be a good candidate for the new treatment, which could kill the remaining cells that keep the virus alive in the body. He said the patient could "remain virus-free for a long time or forever." A study will begin in September to test the validity of the findings (Minsky, Canwest/Calgary Herald, 6/21).

BarWatch: If you've been keeping count or not, entertainment venues and outlets are surfacing here, there and maybe over there. So let's try to sort some of this out, if we may. First up, I finally got a chance to get a closer look and further understanding about what's really going on in the former Factory nightspot now christened, Speakeasy Supper Club under the helm of former Easy Street manager, M. Henderson & partners. The construction is certainly ongoing and from my viewing is quite extensive and may cause a delay in the scheduled August 12 opening. So far, only the unfinished stage and "U" shaped bar are recognizable, with a proposed "VIP- loft area in the making and some other "areas" being mapped out for cabaret seating. Grand plans on paper yet as one who has worked with construction folk, not always feasible or practical. One item that I didn't see, that I thought should be lurking some where with this type of work, was construction dumpster for all the debris that currently taking up space and more to come. Henderson did allude to the fact that some materials had been recycled and other usables found life elsewhere. As I spoke with the trio partnership, they were filled with enthusiasm and optimism about the upcoming venture. According to a marketing piece, "Speakeasy Supper Club, has a concept for entertainment and cuisine that is simple and exciting. Two parts modern-Two parts nostalgia-one part kitsch- with a dash of really? Wow!.." I'm not sure about what "wow" they are speaking of but in my opinion this venture needs to go into warp drive if it plans on meeting that opening deadline. After all, the line up calls for a SpeakEasy Revue featuring female show girls, a male chorus, bartenders, servers, and (OMG) a Chef that needs to be in place before the doors open. I hope that they know that good help is hard to find and good golly to Keep! These brave souls are hammering and tinkering away daily in search of capturing a mature, income disposable, arty crowd. Well, I say, "good luck with that!" In other Barwatch news, I've learned the alleged moniker of that other venture going in at 610 Center Street. Are you ready? TA- DAH!'s ( are you really ready?) SWAY. Say what? Oh come now, don't you know what a SWAY is? Well, nope. Therefore, I had to go to the streets of Little Rock dictionary for some clarity. Apparently, this is slang lingo for what I'm defining as "having it all together with a self confidence," not the protective automobile suspension device that came up when I Googled. I was told by one of my "Peeps in the Streets" that I should know because I, meaning little old me, has a "swag about myself." I guess you could relate it to what former President Bush sorta displayed in a "swagger" about himself and current President O's brotherly stride that exudes a certain demeanor or how he handles certain situations. Anyway, the club is slated to be a private nightclub and it's beverage license is being bounced at the Alcohol Beverage Control board. Please stay locked in, things are just getting interesting...

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