Monday, July 20, 2009

Moon over COP 24/7

Has it been 40 years since that one step for mankind bravado that hearkened back from the celestial heavens via Moon beams which illuminate Mother Earth. Yesiree, It's the 40th anniversary of that special time in history that had myself starring up at the Moon for days gone by and believe it or not, I still get a charge from a full Moon each and every time it rises over the horizon. I've always had a fascination with space the final frontier and yes, I've seen the actual "moon rocks" when they were on tour stop here in Little Rock many years ago. I've always love things lunar, but never got caught up with that "close encounters of the third kind"alien kitsch. Just the facts please or at least at close as I can get to them. Every now and then I do tune into the NASA website or channel which has those great space shots of the space station or an approaching shuttle. What can I say, I've never wanted to be an astronaut, perhaps do one some day, but until then I'll just get my kicks from this Moon over COP 24/7!

Moonlighting No More: Usually I group all the bar news via the "Barwatch" kicker, but since we talking about "moon" stuff, It seemed appropriate that the "moonlighting" bartender Steve (aka, Champagne) who has had stints at the Former Factory, UBU, Discovery and 610 Center, recently and rather abruptly replaced, "Jamie", as the solo bartender act. The staffing change comes without any details or reasoning's to date, even though I'm sure that the skinny will eventually fall from loose lips shortly, perhaps Jamie herself. From my vantage point she seemed to do the job adequately, offered me and mine simple customer service and handle the patrons with savvy. However, there's always two sides to every story and this forum respectfully awaits the update. Congrats to Steve on finding a permanent gig, and doing what he does best, "a warm greeting upon entering and a fond farewell on the exit.!" Check him out weeknights at 610 Center.

Moons Over Little Rock: The brouhaha over the alleged homophobic comment from Little Rock City Director, Erma "fingers" Hendrix, (pictured) simmers on with Mrs. H, vehemently and firmly denying that she made the remark. Matter a fact she's been inundated with phone calls concerning the quip which she has determined is a means to divert attention to her instead of Mayor Mark Stodala, whom she insist is trying to force the shelter on the Ward 1 neighborhood. Hendrix favors a vacant building across from the Salvation Army on Markham street. I've seen that location and although possibly suitable, it's in total disarray and dilapidated. From the onset, I suspect that cost issues would soar beyond what's budgeted, yet the proximity to a current agency makes some sense. Unfortunately, the Salvation Army has recently made news that donations have decreased severely but the need for services have risen as well. What's not making sense is the ongoing, long suffering, meandering dialogue, no action on getting this situation finalized. There's a Coalition, a Executive figure head in place, a Ten Year Plan established, meetings transpired and possible sites named. The issue of homeless isn't subsiding, it's growing including a wide swath of individuals ranging from single mothers with children and entire families. It's simply not about "those people," ex-offenders or sex offenders. It's human beings that have been broadsided by circumstances allowing them to slip into this economic nightmare. Overall, it's imperative that the tug of war or words from those charged with handling this urgent matter, demand of themselves the recourse to get on with it, thusly making the hard decisions that must be made. In a word, "Get Er Done!"

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