Friday, July 03, 2009

TGIF: A Firecracker Edition

It's a star spangled mash up this outing with a burst of news, commentary, links and breaking news in Central City and beyond. As other's make their way to lakes or invited to yet another cook out, I'm taking a fast dash in the Big Chair before a brief break in the action. COP:24/7 has been putting it all out there and more just for you. Do the 4th of July, but stay locked and loaded with CorneliusOnpoint!

Barth in the House: Actually that's Jay Barth looking to be in the Arkansas Senate as stated by his latest ccampaign e-blast which cited his candidacy being supported by the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund. According to Barth, "...I believe that the tremendous support for my campaign--evidenced in contributions and commitments to volunteer--shows confidence that I have the characteristics that we need in a State Senator at this time of great opportunity for Arkansas." His bid for the Senate seat appears to have broad based appeal from both the LGBTQ community and allies. During the Pride Picnic, Barth urged attendees to become motivated and get energized as volunteers in his organization. The Victory Fund, founded in 1991, is the only national organization dedicated to growing the number of openly LGBT elected officials at all levels of government. If you would like to donate you can do so at the campaign website: or

Bar Watch: Holy Rainbows! Just how many entertainment outlets will take to entertain us? Well, it seems local entrepreneurs are not deterred with the economy or the ebbing/flowing patrons. I've mentioned the forthcoming addition to the Off Center mix, which will be sanctioned, PULSE. According to Norman Jones, this offering will feature a lounge/ dance/ show atmosphere adjacent to the live entertainment of the sister club. It will be a 21 and up private club venture with the "Eyes of Texas," Whitney Paige (picutred) slated as show director. Construction continues with an opening date still pending. On the heels of that update, Backstreet has sliced off another operating day, Saturdays. The multi-bar concept is now only open on Friday's from 9 until 5 a.m. In a previous post I openly speculated about the lack of people in the cavernous outlet versus days gone by and what affect that would have on the bottom line. Although my observations didn't make the difference but certainly the lack of dollars spoke volumes, as well as the continuing trend that this forum also has mentioned that such entities are seeking to downsize to either die out. Then comes the news of another "private club" outlet at 310 Center reportedly being helmed by former short term The Factory proprietor, Mr. Marcus. At this posting, it's all about the devil in the details when it comes to posting about these movements. However, I did notice a ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control) notice in the storefront window citing a licensing effort. On my visit, there were no signs of construction, which in opinion will have to be one those extensive and probably expensive "tear outs" to get it right. If Mr. M. want to compete for the minds and pockets of the lavender set, I expect that he will have to "bring some to get some," if this business is to be successful. Hey, Mr. M. I'm all ears if you want to update a brother. Meanwhile, the construction work continues on the "Michael & Company Project" in the defunct The Factory spot on Louisiana Street. To date there's no opening date, but there's an allegedly "speakeasy" theme, however as I researched for that all important ABC date, there doesn't appear to be one on the docket. Of course, there's lots of paperwork and busy work involved in getting through the gates of the "Arkansas Beverage Gods." With all this activity occurring, does this mean that Little Rock is trying to develop it's own version of Chicago's Loop, Dallas' Cedar Springs, or Houston's Montrose hubs? Can this city's community visualize such a move and then be capable of supporting these brave business movers and shakers? Will this type of "consumerism" be met with open arms or disdain? Only time will tell and this forum hopes to be the first to bring it to you! If you've got back talk, you can reach out and touch in our comment section.

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