Thursday, July 30, 2009

COP in Motion & More

If you haven't attended a national convention and you should to discover the experience, it's jammed packed with workshops, speakers, conversations, networking and staying on the move. Conferences last from blazing 3 days to week long outing that can offer you opportunities that perhaps you will never encounter on you home turf. This week at the 2009 NABWMT convention in Philly has been just that and more. Next year this experience will be held in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and hopefully, they'll be a few more of you who want to get out your comfort zone and open your mind to something new.

Electric Connections & LGBT Pink Dollars: Of the many workshops that I attended two of the best workshops that I enjoyed directly had links to some my work. The Community Organizing through Modern Technology featuring Jeremy Hettner and Chris Bartlett barned stormed cyberspace covering the many aspects of harnessing the Internet for a variety of purposes, especially community organizing. Each presenter demonstrated how the power of the Internet can mobilize people around issues as well as alert them to action. I engaged both presenters on how I could better use this forum as a catalyst for outreach. They instructed me to continue finding essential tools for my "toolbox" to enhance my readers experience while viewing the site. Such items as analytical sources, gadgets, counters, links, pop boxes and many other gizmos. To my surprise, I had done many of those suggestions and was quite proud of the fact that I wasn't behind the curve as perhaps I had thought. It was a good to know that COP:24/7 is on track and keeping up with the latest ideas for websites. The other workshop that grabbed by attention was presented by Perry Monastero of the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund. Mr. Monastero was stimulating as he detailed how to begin the "out of the box" thinking when searching for funding sources. I was impressed with how he simplified some techniques and approaches that should be used when dealing with funders or possible in-kind donors. He covered some of the nuts and bolts of what it takes to make events take place and emphasized that in some cases, "continuing touches" which basically means, staying vigilant with your prospect which may take a period time before they reward you with a gift. He was quick to point out that also using key people in the community and defining pockets of individuals who can outreach to their networks to bring you fresh possibilities. I was energized by his presentation and hope to use this information for Pride 2010 and other events that I be involved with. Ultimately, it's all about the Benjamin's and how they are expended for the maximum impact.

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