Friday, July 17, 2009

COP in a Let's Roll with It Frame...!

Are these Friday's just rolling by or what? You betcha and this forum doesn't miss a beat is delivering the goodies from the GLBTQ community and beyond. Let me be clear, you can't make this stuff up! We go all out to cover it all from the fringe to the items that should make you stand up and take notice. It's all here, just for the taking, so let's roll with it!...

Foot in Mouth Disease: It's coming around again. That dreaded disease that plagues public officials and so many others. Apparently, it's raised its obtuse head in comments from Little Rock City Director, Erma" fingers" Hendrix's quip," alot of them are homosexuals, they're criminals," in reference to the proposed homeless day shelter debate. Hendrix, who seems to relish the art of being on the defensive especially in her "tit for tat spat-a-rama" with Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodala and anyone else who doesn't see it her way. For the record, she has decried that she's been misquoted and once again targeted by detractors. According to additional media accounts she states that she said," ex-offenders and sex offenders." Mrs. Hendrix's has been a lightning rod for controversy including a unsuccessful bid to recall her post and other grumbling from Ward 1 residents whom have questioned her effectiveness. She's adamant that her stances are "people centered" and in the best interest of the Ward. I'd have to assume that perhaps Hendrix probably does have a core interest in as area which grapples with infrastructure decline. Center stage of the latest homeless round robin is the former, Job Corp building at 2020 Vance which is being evaluated as source for the long deferred homeless day center that hasn't been able to find a home itself due to varied costs or the NIMBY(Not in My Backyard) attitude from neighborhood residents. The Mayors Coalition on Homeless has worked tirelessly to address the variety of issues and concerns to no avail even though this site has been placed in the Government surplus bin, which allow the city to acquire it for FREE. Yes, a multi-storied building in a somewhat "turn-key" position. What's not to like about that possibility? Obviously lots, as I watched the televised proceedings on LRTV with area residents voicing their concerns, which are certainly to be considered plus there were supporters who want some progress on the matter. However, it's Mrs. Hendrix's alleged low brow and homophobic remark which simply smells of gay baiting as well as a tired insensitive scare tactic used to incite additional ignorance. Furthermore, this display doesn't add to the dialogue, but rather should give Ward 1 residents a look see into the psyche of their Representative. O.K. Mrs. Hendrix, the LGBTQ community is not going to let you get away with this misrepresentation or framing the issue with hate. It's Mea Culpa time and we're not wasting a moment to ask you to come forth. Let's start the asking as concerned and informed citizens to both Mrs. H. and Mayor Stodala.

Here's the info:

Erma Hendrix - Ward 1 P.O. Box 2644 Little Rock, AR 72203 (501) 375-2216 OFFICE City Hall, Room 203 500 West Markham Street Little Rock, AR 72201 (501) 371-4510
Mr. Mark Stodala- Mayor 500 West Markham, Room 203 Little Rock, Arkansas 72201 Phone: (501) 371-4510 Fax: (501) 371-4498 EMAIL:

BARWATCH: Here' the latest on the what's hot, what's not and why not in the bar games now being played in the 7th street cooridor. First up, PULSE, the latest night spot/ sister bar to Off Center, is still under renovations. As I understand, there's some special lighting affects that have been ordered and are in transit. Is FEDEx no longer in the overnight business? Of course, these must be some special array to go along with the planned sleek decor designed for dancing and Diva's. Speaking of Diva's, Whitney Paige is still being tapped as show director and the chat has it that she will be taking to the stage possibly 4 to 5 days a week with special guest sprinkled in the schedule. Wow! That's a thursday thru Sunday drag fest that just might tax the sensibilites of the most ardent fan. Oh, well, I guess everything deserves a tryout or either a wipeout. Over at Speakeasy, there's a ABC notice in the door as the work trudges on to that supposedly August 21 opening. I'll have to make a return visit to assess just what's really going on. As of this post, 310 Center, the future, SWAY, sit's awaiting the construction crew and life delivered by the Marcus Factor. It's mum's the words as no one seems to know exactly what's being planned, except they keep saying it's gonna be good. Well, if your coming to party, I suggest that you better be damn good and even more so, off the hook damn good. As the word drops, you know that we will bring it all to you right've gotta stay tuned.

BLK Pride, Take 2.0: I was already in wonderment with the fact that Club Good Times was pre-empting the official Black Pride activities slated for July 24-26, but now I'm out done to learn that the night haunt will do a double take with a Part 2 of their self styled Black Pride weekend coinciding with the events promoted by Little Rock Black Pride. What's going on here? This weekend the house will be packed for another of those notorious long winded late hour shows that most likely will end around 4 AM. This next weekend, the Angie outfit is touting free cover for early birds(?) and apparently more of those $1.00 can beers that there never seem to be many to go around. Excuse me, exactly where's the "Pride" in all of this mash up? Go Figure. In the meantime, we've listed the LRBP events as well as their contact info. But in case you didn't get it, here it is again, Tell you heard it all here...

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